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Sunday, September 24, 2017


Last Post until 31 Days of Halloween!
 I have been pretty sick this month and also been figuring out next month :) , but I wanted to not only get out one more post before Halloween but also do a New Arrivals since I am so far behind that I stopped photographing stuff b4 adding it to my collections! 😮 To alleviate that, this is a BIGGER EDITION! So get ready for not 5 but 10 items new to my collection! Oh and this is the first New Arrivals since JULY!
 As I have mentioned here before I love the Care Bears! This pvc figure (which I really love it when I find pvcs!) is from the 80s and I found him at Goodwill! As a kid the only Care Bears that I had were the PVC's so finding a vintage one was a treat!
 I might love the Care Bears, but I love the cousins even more! One of my biggest regrets is that when Cassie and I found the blind bags, we could not find the penguin! I (with Cassie's help) was able to uncover the elephant, lion, and raccoon. Then one day this summer I went into Walgreens and saw these on clearance and felt the bag and found the penguin! Now I have all 4 of the Care Bear Cousins in this set! 
 I am a huge fan of the creatures under the sea (see what I did there?), but an even bigger fan of anything Little Mermaid and scoop them up as soon as I see them if possible. I found him at Goodwill and was so happy. Its just a static figurine and already had some Sebastian's but can always use more!
 It is not a secret that I love Goodwill and here is yet another example (as are the two MArvel figures coming up and many others on this list! This cute Mikey came in a 2-pack with one of his "brothers"). As many of you know, Mikey is my fav turtle and I only really wanted him in this version so I was so stoked. Even funnier? This was the only one that they had!
 I loved, LOVED the Toybiz Marvel line. A little known secret, my preferred scale is the now rarely used 5 inch scale these were done in. Also although called "Hologram Armor", this figure reminds me of his armor from the 80s and I love it! He is missing all of his snap on armor pieces but for a figure I got in a 2.99 bag? Not a big deal!
 Only got him because he was in the 2.99 bag bin but I do like him and he is currently my stand-in for War Machine! Like Hologram, he had none of his snap on armor pieces (except this one DID have the front part of his belt)
 As many of you may know I collect Transformers but mostly focus on the 86 movie figures, animal related, and the Beast era! Gnaw brought me one step closer to getting the 86 movie characters done. He is a sharkticon and is technically an army builder but on my budget I Could only get the one, one day I might track down a second to put in robot mode. These guys were vicious in the movie, eating transformers and think he's cool in my collection at last! 
 I am a huge fan of the original TMNT cartoon and was getting all of the Megabloks/ Megaconstrux from the old cartoon. Then they decided to put out a Technodrome that I could not afford and in it was Splinter with no other way to get him and with it went away my need to be a completest. However I always wanted this set as I always wanted a rock soldier but never had one as a kid (and still don't have the vintage version.) I found this on clearance at Wal-Mart and was so excited to add it to the set. The Donatello is pretty cool to I guess lol.
 I was not a fan of the Nick designs (they have finally won me over) and therefore I have a tiny collection. Well when I Saw this set at Wal-MArt for around $5 I had to have it. Why? The Kranng (I had this figure from the blind bags but you can never have to much) and the Triceraton. I might not be a big fan of his NICK look but the Triceratons are my favorite alien species in the TMNT (though the Salamndrians might push them out of that spot one day). The gun also fires missiles!

 We all probably had this as a kid and it is still in budget dinosaur tubes but I always loved this one (probably since not many molds were made of the first bird), but had no interest in getting the other dinos. Enter Goodwill lol.

 Well, that is it for this installment of NEW ARRIVALS and next up is "31 Days of Halloween!, which starts on Sunday the first October and I will be getting help at least once a week from Cassie! So see you guys next week for the second annual 31 days of Halloween! 

Monday, September 11, 2017


 I like the title but not sure if I'll keep it. Anyway, this continues the Video game ad feature from last week but instead of just video games, it features a little bit of everything!
 I never got to play this MOTU game and although it is a simple pre-Nintendo era game, I hope to one day. Never knew Mattel had a electronics division back then. I have also discovered they even had their own gaming system!
 Oh Yeaah! I chose this one less for the game and more for who it is! I know nothing about this pre Nintendo game other than its got simple graphics and stars one of the greatest mascots of the time. Sure Kool-Aid man still exists today but he was so cool back then, not only did he get commercials, but also merchandise. When's the last time you saw a Kool-Aid man comic? I'd say 80s or 90s!
 Ah the licensed cereals. Sure they are making a comeback but in the 80s and 90s they were the thing! Gremlin cereal, G.I. Joe, and of course TMNT were just a few! I  loved (and still do) licensed cereals for some reason.

 So who can spot the error in this commercial?
 I have mentioned my love for M.A.S.K. over the years and how I only ever had 3 as a kid (2 of which are in this ad: the Thunderhawk and the Condor, the other was a mission pack Miles Mayhem) These days I have 3 characters and half of a vehicle but love them so much and keep hoping thet Hasbro will bring them back one day. On a side note, there was a M.A.S.K. series part of IDW's Hasbroverse but it was cancelled (well they called it a season finale so might come back as most of the titles were given season finales) but is going to be combined with Joe in GIJOE: UNMASKED later this year!
 I only ever did some Trek models back in the 90s but oh how I wish I had these! Attack Trak looks so awesome as does the Talon Fighter! I actually have a few ads from Monogram coming up in later posts! MOTU was and still is one of my favorite properties of all time and felt it was fitting to have it start and end this post!

 Well, that does it for today. Even more stuff coming soon, including the return of vintage childhood, new arrivals, and 31 days of Halloween!

Tuesday, September 5, 2017


 When looking for content for Star Wars week and 31 days of Halloween I came across a lot of cool ads in my comic books, but these really made me want to share. I remember the good old days of when the big 3 and then they became 5 networks had great Saturday cartoons. This was a big deal. ABC, NBC, and CBS even did Fall preview specials and they did ads in comic books! Here are the ones that I Found:
 One of the greatest things about these old ads are the "Team-Ups". I mean where else will You see Spider-MAn and Mr. T hanging out with the Smurfs and Gummi Bears?
 Everyone of those cartoons from that season except for Kidd Video I have seen and in this case (unlike most of these ads) I actually watched back then. Snorks was one of my favorites as was the Smurfs. Gummi Bears I think I Did not start watching until a few years or so later when it re-aired on the Disney Afternoon. Although I had not watched the live action series until many years after this, I did watch the animated one. Plus I have fond memories of Spider-Man and his Amazing friends (and Hulk). Of course as any 80's kid I also watched the Chipmunks. One to grow one were the Saturday morning psa's, like the more popular more to know ones that would replace it.

Look what I found on youtube:
These psa's featured NBC stars like Mr. T, Betty White, etc and bring back memories as these were the ones I grew up with.
 All but Muppet Babies I never saw as a kid (except maybe Q-Bert as I have memories of it and know I have not seen it as an adult.) Other than those I have only seen bits of Pryor's Place and episodes of D &D As an adult. Out of all of these I believe only Muppet Babies was a true success. A Shame as some of these either had potential or cult followings now.
 Here we see yet another NBC ad for the fall.
This one is from a year or two before the other but you will notice a few shows that stayed around. This is when The Hulk was a part of the Spider-man package. This is also when my all time favorite Flintstones series (Flintstone Frolics/ funnies) aired. Ironically I would not see these episodes until they aired on USA and Cartoon Network (on CN as "Back to Bedrock!") You will also notice the Barbarian show Thundarr and one of my all time favorite cartoons from that era, the Shirt Tales! I should point out that even though many cartoons aired for years, most sadly only had one season and they just kept re-airing them. This practice would end in the mid to late 80s but return in present day. Don't believe me? check out Cartoon Network. Most of their programming is showing the same episodes of their current series over and over, which is a shame as it was once a great network.
My only ABC schedule that I Found. Ironically I would watch ABC a lot in the late 80s/early 90s (thanks to their preview special that aired on their TGIF (Thank Goodness its Funny) block), but I watched only 3 of these as a kid and one I think I watched on Family Channel and not ABC (Littles) and another on USA I believe (Pac-Man). I think only Scooby - doo was watched by me on abc then. Never saw (even to this day) the others.
This was the year that Muppet Babies began an hour, a format that I remember fondly. What happened is Marvel Animation (the ones who did the animation for Muppet Babies) did not finish the animation for the new Muppet Monsters series. This resulted in only 3 episodes being finished on time. CBS had no choice but to rerun Muppet Babies making Muppet Babies air an hour and guess what? They got even better ratings! CBS then cancelled Monsters as it was not needed. This was also the year that my version of the Berenstein Bears aired and the Wuzzles (a wonderful Disney toon that sadly only lasted a short time). I was not into the WWF so I didn't watch Hogan and also never saw Young Astronauts. I would not even know that the Charlie Brown and Snoopy show existed until much later (only about a decade ago to be honest.)
We will finish up with yet another NBC schedule....
 Snorks, Smurfs, Mister T, Chipmunks, Spider-Man and One to Grow on I have already talked about, but I also watched Pink Panther and Sons but sadly remember next to nothing about it now as it is one of the few that I have not watched any of in modern day. The rest I know nothing about!

 Well, that is it for today and although the Saturday greats no longer air, we have youtube, netflix, hulu, and dvd to enjoy these whenever we choose to. In fact I just might go watch some right now.

Sunday, September 3, 2017


I will review the figures most likely in a future post....

 That is my Force Friday/ the first toy haul minus Goodwill pick-ups (which included a kids meal Millennium Falcon. For the most part I got everything I Wanted. My main goal was Chewie (wanted that porg), Luke, and Flocked Chewie or Porg (got Chewie). Then found the walker lego set I Wanted and been wanting a First Order Stormtrooper and found one for 5 bucks at 5 below. Yoda was a blind boxed candy and as you can see I also grabbed 3-p0. Shockingly I Did not have him in my 3 3/4 collection (need R2 and Leia  from the original trilogy still, old Leia is coming)!

 You will notice that I also picked up both Motu figures from the MegaConstrux "Heroes" line. Only one I Want still is the Xenomorph as Picard without the rest of the crew makes no sense to me and since I won't get Picard, the Borg makes no sense. The Marine from Aliens I just don't like the look of, never did lol.

Well that is it and Star Wars week has come to an end for another year until next year (most likely will be called "Return of Star Wars Week").

Next week we return to our regular content and don't be surprised if their are some Halloween surprises even before my annual "31 Days Of Halloween" begins in October!

Saturday, September 2, 2017


 I was in such a hurry to get the post done, that I actually forgot to put this image of my Star Wars wall (next to my shelves).
 Theres a few new things since yesterday but overall the same stuff I had last year!

Last up talk about random:
 I know its not Star Wars but I liked it so much that I decided to share it now instead of later but it shows that many more ads are coming in my "It came from" series. The decision to share this today was so random and last minute that I didn't even edit it after scanning it lol.

 Star Wars Week ends tomorrow with my Force Friday Haul!

Friday, September 1, 2017


 Today we take a look at some advertisements that I have found for Star Wars games of the past! I should point out that this is a new series as I have found a lot more that weren't SW related.
 Sadly I have never played any of these games and can't say my feelings about them but thought I would share them anyway!
 First up is this game from the clone wars era.
  The images look great and sounds like you could play Anakin, Mace, Obi-Wan, or a clone!
  Another Clone Wars era (or in this case set before but released after attack of the clones) Bounty Hunter also looked like it was fun!
  In it, you go through 18 levels taking out the galaxy's most wanted as Jango Fett!
  I saved the best for last an old Star Wars game from Parker Brothers! Like all games from this era, it is pretty minimal (The NES helped change that). If you look closely at the image, you can tell that this was no more than a altered pinball game lol!


Yes I know it is non Star Wars but I ran out of SW ads.
  This game I can't remember if I played BUT I did play the original! I will say that it looks very familiar! This is the era when the graphics began to get better than the old NES ones and you can tell by this ad!
 That it is it for today, but their are still 2 more days to go including me writing another wrong (Last year it was finally reviewing Star Wars Black Prototype Boba Fett and this year it is posting an image I left out of Wednesday's post! Plus a non SW bonus item like this post!)

Thursday, August 31, 2017


 I am still under the weather, but want to stay on schedule so this will be another quick one!

Although I have not read most of these, I thought it would be cool to take a look at my Star Wars printed materials!
 First up are my reprinted Star Wars books.
 These are reprinted from the original Marvel series and re-tell the original movie. Sadly I only have #'s 3 and 5! As you can see they were a joint venture from Marvel and IDW!
  As you can see, the art has been updated a bit, though I think just the coloring was,
  but I could be wrong!
  This item is pretty special to me, not because I like "Legacy", which I do, but because it was a gift from assie back when we lived in the Bay Area!
 It also includes the issue that had the Joker squad of storm troopers.
  Which is important to me because I once had the gift set of them. Sadly I only still have the girl (Jes?)
 As you can see in this image that I posted in last year's Star Wars week 1.0!
  I found this GN at five below last year I believe.
  Last up is another precious. I actually owned this as a kid and was excited to get it again. It retells a small portion of Return of The Jedi. It basically starts right around the Ewoks and then shows the destruction of the base and has one page show the death star blow.  Lol it is a funny read as it feels complete like you are missing nothing (except for the fact the fact that Luke leaves and then returns and says their father is dead.) You can see a page from it below.
  That will wrap things up for today, even more Star Wars fun tomorrow!