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Thursday, November 16, 2017


Welcome back to my childhood!
Lietenant (JG) Geordi La Forge - First Season Uniform (Playmates, 1993)
I was a huge fan of Star Trek The Next Generation and loved the playmates line and Geordi was actually my favorite but not because it was Geordi but because it was Levar Burton aka the Reading Rainbow guy! Like many others I grew up with Reading Rainbow so seeing him act was a treat and I wanted his figure!
Commander William T. Riker  - First Season Uniform (Playmates, 1993)
 Technically this is second season as in the first season he was clean shaven but he looks great with the other two! Jonathon Frakes would be one of very few TNG actors to have something to do with all the post TNG series! HE was a regular in TNG, was his "transporter clone" Thomas Riker in DS9, Appeared thanks to Q in Voyager, and was alongside Troi in the Enterprise finale! But wait theres more! He is also supposedly directing an episode of the current series "Discovery!"
Captain Jean Luc Picard  - First Season Uniform (Playmates, 1993)
 Xavier here was one of the best things in X-ME-- wait a second thats not Xavier! That is Picard! As a kid I was by no means a completionist but I needed the main cast and especially the captain himself. Though not as cool as Kirk as he stayed mostly on board the ship thanks to new regulations, he was still pretty kick A@! when he needed to be!
Bishop (Toybiz, 1993) 
 One of the best cartons of the 90s was X-Men! It was how I new them as I was not quite into comics yet (collected GIJOE and cartoon related titles) so I mostly stuck with the cartoon characters and Bishop was one of them! I thought his story of being from the future was pretty cool. The comic version was just as cool but these days I remember the Cartoon and pre late 1990s comics as I am not a fan of the present day take on them.
Chewbacca (Kenner, 1977)
 Star Wars was one of the first lines that I remember. I had so many and thought I would never own any of the vintage figures again so when I received this in a trade with Brother Midnight, I was ecstatic! He is by far my favorite Star Wars item in my collection!

 That is it for now, but more to come! Next week is Start and end Thanksgiving with Cassie and Alexis! On Thursday at midnight, Cassie posts the final chapter of her "Cassie does Hanna-Barbera Halloween" and then at 11:59 PM I will be posting this year's collection walk-through (and this year I am including images for those who do not wish to watch the video!) See you all then!

Thursday, November 9, 2017


 I'm back! Starting tonight I Will post a new post every Thursday - guaranteed! It is so I can focus on the Christmas countdown, which you can see I Am starting on :)

 Welcome back to Fast Food Premiums, I know its been awhile but more are coming, in fact this is the first of two that could have been a part of "Vintage Childhood as well as I owned all 10 featured in these two articles as a kid! Expect that other post after "25 Days of Christmas!"
Charlie (Wendy's, 1989)
 Ah All Dogs Go to Heaven. This was a pretty good film and this figurine from Wendy's was pretty good to. These days if a movie is planned to be big we get bombarded with merchandise but not in the 80s. So yeah this was one of the only figures of Charlie back then that I know of. Others have been made since!
Einstein (Burger King, 1991)
 I remember back in the 80s when people were upset (myself included) that Back To The Future ended the way it did and no sequel was planned. Then suddenly they announced not one but two were on their way! Though not nearly as good as the original, both films (and especially two) were very good films! After the film series ended, people wanted more and we got the cartoon series (it was hosted by Christopher Lloyd, who also hosted the ride at Universal Studios). Although the toon did not last long (only one or two seasons on CBS), we did get 4 toys from Burger King. I own 3 of them (only missing Doc Brown's son (forget his name) now,) but I only had Einstein as a kid hence why he is the one featured here!
 Peter Pan with Tinker Bell (McDonalds, 1991)
 Ah Hook the forgettable film. Which is sad as Robin Williams was a great actor (as were the others), it was just a stupid idea. We did however get toys from Kenner (which I have not found yet) and 4 toys from McDonald's. This one is still not complete as I am missing his sail and its the only one I think I had as a kid (but could be wrong) and the only one I have found thus far!
Petunia Pig and Taz Flash Suit (McDonalds, 1992)
 I really loved these Looney Tunes figures from McDonalds!  I had all but Bugs Bunny as a kid but right now I just have Petunia (minus her Wonder Woman costume) and Taz's Flash Costume (minus Taz)! Someday I hope to have all 4 of them completed but for now I am happy with these. I still regret not picking up the Taz when I saw him as I found his suit a few weeks later.
Bobby with and without car facade (McDonalds, 1994)
 I THINK I had this as a kid but could be wrong but since this is Fast Food Premiums and not Vintage Childhood, it doesn't really matter. I was a huge fan of this FOX show and forgot Howie Mandel was in it. In fact I became a huge fan of him due to "Deal or No Deal" and "America's Got Talent" and then discovered that he was also Bobby(and hosted the cartoon). I know duh! but remember I hadn't seen it since the 90s and I have a bad memory. I first found this figure minus the "Dream" facade but later found it with it. I like having two so I can showcase it both ways like I do with the Tiny Toons and 101 Dalmations McDonalds flip cars!

 That is it for another installment of Fast Food Premiums but more are coming!

Wednesday, November 8, 2017


   This reminded me of a lot of old Transformers cartoons where things tried to suck their energy!
This was just one of those in the right place at the right time things. I had gotten up to open the curtains and saw this lady bug (or ladybird beetle) on Blurr's chest.
  Unfortunately by the time I grabbed the camera (which thankfully was nearby) it had moved but still looks pretty cool.
  After shooting the pics I turned my head and it was gone so I Could not release it and found a dead one in my bed (either me or Kara must have killed it)
 But at least now this Ladybug is immortalized in images!

Saturday, November 4, 2017

31 Days of Halloween: Time is up and After Halloween Haul

  All good things and all that huh? i am ending this celebration as going 6 days extra was jut to much and I want to successfully do 25 days of Christmas this year and post a collection walkthrough on Thanksgiving again this year! On the subject of the walkthrough I will be doing it different this year. I will try to do better lighting for the video in parts and for those who do not want to watch a hour plus video (which I think last years was) I will do photos as well but they won't be as detailed and will just show the shelf! That video which I have not filmed yet and images will take a lot of my time! Plus getting posts ready for 25 days of Christmas. So what does this mean? I will be going down to one post a week until at least Thanksgiving! I might do bonus posts though so some weeks might have more than one post. However before we say goodbye to Halloween here is what I bought on the first (or at least the Halloween stuff!)
  You might recognize this mask as I had Kara wear it in Kittytrooper. She also is the only one to wear it since I purchased it as I haven't tried it on yet. Not a fan of Kylo Ren but I like having a collection now and who can beat 2.50?

 I also bought some stuff that most who follow my blog will yawn at but yep bought 2 more wigs and some witch cat earrings. I also purchased that Black cat votive holder (which I have electric votive candles in) and will have it displayed all year round!
 And thus another Halloween countdown closes but be here next year for even more spooktacular fun and until them enjoy my other posts coming soon!

Thursday, November 2, 2017

37 Days of Halloween: Kitty Trooper has Returned!

 Last year during 31 days of Halloween I posted this picture I took of my cat Kara looking at a stormtrooper helmet that I have.
 Well today, after a comment from my friend Cassie (yes a year ago), I finally decided to annoy her a bit after buying a new mask.
 Without further ado here we go....
 Darth Kitty:
 Another Darth Kitty:
Kitty Trooper:
And introducing my newest mask....
Kara Ren:
 Yes I was holding them but there was no way she would wear them. Hope you enjoyed this cuter post! More spooktacular fun's coming!

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

37 Days of Halloween: Funko!

 Here is a look at my Funko shelf. Ironically much of the Halloweeny stuff is missing (some reactions and Skeletor) due to them being used for articles when I took these photos lol!

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

37 Days of Halloween: Oops!

 Oops I forgot to do something for today. I actually went out today, something I had not planned on doing and as Cassie can tell you I was scared lol. If you read my interview at AEIOU, you know that 2 years ago I sprained my knee and was in the bed for weeks and last year I almost got hurt so I kept fearing something would happen. All in all I had a great Halloween and hope you all did as well. Happy Halloween! Hey the countdown isn't over even more SPOOKTACULAR fun is to come!

Sunday, October 29, 2017

31 Days of Halloween: Michael Jackson's Halloween Special!

Oh wow an all new CBS Halloween special!
 I love Michael Jackson;s music and I am not afraid to admit that! Whether or not the controversy is true or not (and I ill not be saying anything about it) does not matter as he was a great singer and performer.
 Michael Jackson made his music videos into mini movies. He even appeared in a Disney Parks show called Captain Eo and was in The Wiz! Not to mention he even dance with Alvin once!
  He died many years ago now so when I saw on Michael Jackson's Halloween, I was like say what? Turns out they made a brand new animated one hour special which features many of his songs!
  The story revolves around two young adults who are brought together by Michael Jackson. They are:
 Victor, who works at his father's grocery store but dreams of being a DJ
 and Victoria who is considered not an employ by her boss because she is just an "intern!"
  Jackson's monkey Bubbles (who can talk and drive) sets up for the main characters to go to a castle looking place in a Halloweeny looking setting that they magically created using a box.
 Eventually Vincent and Victoria run into each other (thanks to Michael) and while trying to find a dog named Icabod they end up in the land of Conformity (an evil witch who turns things who break the rules into mindless zombies).
  I won't spoil the rest by telling you what happens next.
 All in all the special was pretty good. I went in feeling nostalgia for my childhood. The reasoning behind this is due to the fact that back then we always got new (and old) Halloween specials. These days the occasional Cable special appears but never on the big 3! So this was pretty cool.
 The special was funny like when Vincent and Victoria meet , when Vincent said he needed an mri after hearing Bubbles talk, or the fact that Victoria's bosses dog's name was "Icabod!" Other parts were odd like Michael Jackson transforming into a bat!
  It was a great special and I enjoyed it. I recommend this special to anyone who likes Halloween specials (even if you don't like Michael Jackson's music). I should point out that the music was just a part of the story, the actual story was pretty great!
  Songs include "Xscape" (Which I never heard of before this special), Thriller, and Dangerous!
 Voics include Brad Garret as Bubbles, George Eads, Lucy Liu, and Lucas Till.
That is it for now but even more spooktacular fun until November 6!
You can watch this special searching or just by clicking HERE!