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Sunday, August 13, 2017


I have been absent for awhile but I have been resting as my busy time of the year is about to begin! At the end of the month I will do my second annual "Star Wars" week on this blog and like last year, I decided to have it coincide with "Force Friday!" Then in October, I will be doing "31 Days of Halloween" (with help this year) once again for the second year in a row, BUT not on this blog (more on that soon) but don't worry new content will be posted here all October long as well. So I am lying low for the most part until then.

Today though, I decided to do a new edition of "Vintage Childhood!" All of these will look familiar as they were all given to me by Brother Midnight in a recent trade.
I had many MOTU figures in my collection and most of the Horde was a part of that (Hordak, Grizzlor, Leech, Mantenna, Horde Trooper, Catra, and Mosquitor!) Though he was not my favorite, Mantenna did have a great gimmick as his eyes bugged out! I always thought the Horde was much better in appearance than the evil warriors led by Skeletor and Mantenna definitely illustrates why. The monsterous look of the villians just seemed better with the Horde!
The original Playmates TMNT line came up with some pretty wacky mutants and PAnda Khan was suprisingly not one of them. Compared to the likes of Muckman and Wyrm, Panda here is normal. That however does not hurt his cool factor! I not only had Panda Khan but he was a favorite of mine. Like MOTU, I had a lot of the TMNT figures and that was great as I Could rotate "the cast" and do various different arcs with nothing but a couch as a playset. Those were the days. :)
The X-Men line from Toybiz was the first separate Marvel line. By that I mean the others were part of other properties (Mego), or misc Marvels (Secret Wars, Marvel Superheroes). However when Toybiz launched their Marvel brands, they did not one but two lines: Marvel Superheroes and the X-Men! The line lasted a long time thanks to the cartoon on Fox and then it never stopped being popular. This also helped us to get other lines elike Spidey and the F4! Of course it never hurt that they had cartoons but this was not always the case just ask X-Men 2099, Generation X, the first Avengers line, or Ghost Rider! Though none of them passed the initial one or two waves but at least we got them!
I loved the TNG and its toyline. This was not the first TNG toyline but definitely the most inclusive. The Playmates line was so popular that they eventually did the original series, the movies, Deep Space 9, and Voyager as well! Most of the line was the 5 inch scale but in the later years Playmates tried to make the 6 inch scale work but that is when I stopped buying as I had no interest in buying the same old figures but in a new scale and I was not alone!
Vintage Star Wars was probably one of my first toy collections. Although today's sculpting  has put these to shame (G.I.JOE still looks good with its modern and vintage lines together in my opinion), these will always have a special place in my heart and hope to get more one day! Also, I have no year stated as Kenner (like many other lines did) kept re-releasing the same sculpt for years so although it was first released in the 70's, you could still get this Chewie sculpt in the mid 80s!
 That wraps another edition of "Vintage Childhood, but more is coming soon!

Friday, July 28, 2017


Like my "random Images" feature or just want to see random pics of my collection? We now have an Instagram page!

Plus we have a twitter page where I retweet interesting toy news and other things (plus maybe some stuff that is exclusive to there).

 We also have a  pinterest page but that just puts the links to the content here!

There are even more changes coming very soon so stay tuned! "Ribbbbit!"


 Time for another it came from and this one continues the goodies from Hero Illustrated!
 First up is an ad for Superman cards from Skybox. I never had any of these but I did have the DC cards (man I miss those)! Though cards are still made of properties nothing will ever beat the 90s in my opinion.
 These I Did have some of but I preferred the X-Men and Marvel Universe (series 1 and 2). I hope to be able to get my hands on some of those (and the G.I.Joe ones) some day.
Last up is this beauty! The original ad for the Skeleton Warriors cartoon series! This series had a line of toys from Playmates and even had a come back a couple years ago. The cartoon was pretty good and the toys were awesome but alas it was ahead of its time and the line like may 90s Playmates lines died after just one wave and the cartoon never went pass its first season.

Well thats it for this edition of "It Came From..." but more are coming.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017


I planned to make "It came from...." a regular series, but I never did return to it, today I remedy that. Today we take a look at an old Disney Catalog that I found in one of my old Disney VHS tapes! I used to love these things as a kid and today we will look at one in all its glory!
 Peter Pan. I will be honest, while I enjoy the film, it is not one of my favorites. However I have fond memories of it and love the ride at Disney World (no clue if it still exists though).
 Misc tapes. I remember most of these (I barely remember the Reluctant Dragon though). Wind in the Willows is based on a book and was one half of The adventures of Icabod and Mr. Toad movie. As I have said before, Legend of Sleepy Hollow is one of my favorite Disney tales ever. I even see Sorcerer Mickey there! Bongo on the other hand does NOT ring a bell.
 Rescue Rangers! When you need help just call...chip n' dale.... it is not my favorite of the Disney Afternoon shows (those would be Darkwing Duck, Duck Tales, and Gargoyles- in that order), but it was one of the best! I remember wayching it as a kid and enjoying it, I have even seen some episodes in recent years. I even have 3 of the 4 McDonalds figures (missing Chip Ironically) and have Dale (as well as Mickey and Minnie) in the Epcot McDonalds figures (still need Chop and the Canadian Exclusive Dale).
 Winnie The Pooh, Winnie....
Honestly, I was not a big fan of the cartoon series (but I did watch it and could enjoy it.) My love was the live action Disney Channel series: "Welcome to Pooh Corner", that was the Pooh I knew and loved. However; I will admit as an adult that it is a good cartoon, I just never gave it a chance back then.
 Mickey Mouse!
Tapes featuring Disney shorts featuring the gang. I loved these tapes as a kid, but preferred Disney Channel as a mix and match was great. I may be the only one but I get so bored after watching so many Donald cartoons, etc but could watch for hours if its Donald, Mickey, etc. As long as not every short is Donald or Mickey, etc.
Speaking of, I loved this series so much. I wish they would just release the last episodes of it on DVD (as well as Darkwing Duck) and be over with it. They might though with a new toon on its way this fall!
 Sing-A-Long Songs
For those not aware, these were the scenes in the movies (most of the time but sometimes they used clips from different parts) where the songs were like Baloo's song "Bare Necessities." There were a lot of these made back then and although I have seen some at Goodwill, I have yet to pick one up yet for some reason.
Little Mermaid!
 I saved the best for last, as this is my all time favorite Disney movie of all time! I own it on DVD but might grab the video someday as well.

As a bonus:
 An old survey from a Disney Video!
 I know to some this may be junk, but to me this is history and is pretty cool.
I even found an old Disney Proof of purchase!
Thats it for this installment, but even more "It came from..." are coming.

Friday, July 21, 2017


Here are my presents that I got this year for my birthday!
As you can see, Kara wanted to know as well.
First my gifts from my dad, he sends me money so this is what I bought (fun wise)
I rarely buy the 2.99 self made bags anymore and this is the smallest I have ever made, but I did not want to get stuff that I did not want and really wanted some of this stuff!

  •  Blight! I am a huge fan of Batman Beyond and this Burger King toy is awesome!
  • Anakin! This is my first Star Wars Masher and he was missing the top parts of his legs, so I took them from an Iron Man I had and it looks pretty cool. 
  • Disney! Cinderella cake topper is pretty cool but an Ariel one and a Flounder POP as well? Wow! Flounder I Saw at Goodwill last month but think he was still there because his back fin is broken but who cares? You can't eve tell when he is on a shelf! He's with my Funko stuff (minus reactions) and Ariel and Cinderella are on their shelves (Little Mermaid shelf and my Disney shelf)
  • Misc stuff! I like Littlest Pet Shops so I Was happy to add this one to my McDonald's collection. The Koala is a beanie baby and the Powerpuff girl is a key chain!

Can you say OMG OMG? Sure he only goes for $10 on the Bay but I got him for less than $2! I love this plush puppy from Rainbow Brite and looks good with my very tiny RB Brite collection! I hope to find the PVCs someday as well as more items from this line past and present!
I love the Cousins so whenever I Find any at Goodwill, I grab them. This is now my third in the early 2000 line and fourth Cousins plush (counting the modern BarveHeart Lion that I own.
That was all that I got at Goodwill, but I Was not over yet! I also got a couple items at Five Below. I got this $20 Megabloks set from the new toon for $5! I got it mostly for the Casey but love the vehicle itself and Donnie repaint. In fact, I love it so much that I plan to review it soon.
Although this Thor Dorbz (I love Thor) said he was 5, he rang up 4 :)
Next up is my Wal-Mart purchases: Nano Metals from Jada Toys. Man I love these. I Always wanted the bigger Metals but could never pull the trigger but these 99 cent ones are so affordable that I now own 16 of them (and a $5 TMNT keychain!) I will be reviewing all of them at some time in the near future I think. With the purchase of Newt from Fantastic Beasts and the Dementor from Harry Potter, I now have at least one from the 4 properties currently out (more are coming though). As I am not a huge fan of Potter, these will probably be the only 2 I get from those movies, but that can change (especially since I have yet to see Fantastic Beasts)!
 On addition to those two are Superman, Hulkbuster, and Animated Harley Quinn!
The last Item from my dad was from Toys 'R' Us and is Titans Return Kup. I collect the 86 movie characters so this was needed and I am getting closer to finishing them.

Next up are my presents from Cassie Winters!
 I love Gilmore Girls and really wanted this Rory POP (I mean the actress is an Alexis 😻) Also she is the hardest to find of the three so I am so happy!
I love Precious Moments! I'll explain why at a later date. So when she gave me these 2 dolls I was excited. What makes them even better are they are May and July! Those are our birth months!

 So that is a look at my birthday presents this year and I Am very happy with them :)

Thursday, July 20, 2017


 Random Image finally Returns!
Wheelie is confused as this rock wasn't there a minute ago....

Wednesday, July 19, 2017


 I just wanted to show off my "Special Edition, Super Rare" Supergirl!
I am obviously poking fun at this packaging error that some people actually think are variants. Anyway I opened him up so it did not matter to me! He is one of my birthday presents that I got this year (yes even though my bday isn't until Friday, I got my presents lol) (expect a post prob on Friday!)

Also the title could refer to the Superman or it could refer to this change! Look at the address bar! One of my presents was getting a domain name so we are now officially "Alexis' Treasures" And have left "Collector's Universe" completely behind. Don't worry though as the old address still works.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Just thought I would do a quick look at my vhs tapes!
Now let us take a look at some closer shall we?
Here are all 4 of my GOLDEN Videos. I hope to find even more one day!
Here are my Jim Henson videos (minus the Muppet Christmas Carol), you will notice that I have found 2 Fraggle Rock's!
Here are a couple of my Disney VHS (I also have a Little Mermaid the series one that I forgot to add here as it is in her display)
Here are my Cartoon Network videos.
And finally some misc ones! My favorite is the Filmation Ghostbusters!
That's it for today but even more articles are coming! (oh Sleepy Hollow is my favorite Disney special by the way).

Friday, July 14, 2017


Are you ready for another edition of Vintage Childhood? This week I decided to focus on one of the most influential toylines of my childhood: G.I.JOE! What makes this even more special is that this is post #200!

Since this post 200, I wanted to also talk about GIJOE itself or at least how important it was to me!
I have very few memories of being really young (especially tv or emotions for tv shows) but both MOTU and GIJOE  are exceptions and are 2 of my favs from that time. I remember being so excited when GIJOE came back (not sure if it was the second or third mini series, would have to watch it because I Do remember a scene with Snake Eyes but not well enough to describe it lol.)
As time went on I got a good bit of the figures (didn't hurt that my dad was in the NAVY so he thought it was great, plus I got to be on a real base a lot!) I didn't have many of the vehicles though as at the time I Was not as big into those as most. To this day I only feel I need a few to have a collection to be proud of and only ONE I did not have as a kid (Hiss).
 During this time, I also got some of the comics (the two shown I had as a kid).
I was not a comic collector at that time so this shows how much I loved them!
 Then came the movie and although this is an unpopular opinion, my favorite version of the series:
The DIC series iss hated by many but it was my favorite, in fact the reason I love Falcon is from the Sunbow movie and the DIC series as they both showed that he was so flawed, he even got addicted to drugs! I like that they decided to make a JOE flawed enough to teach kids lessons w/o it feeling like they were (unlike many eps of MOTU sadly!) 

I unfortunately do not have some of my favorites that I had as a kid in the vintage line (Jinx), or at all (Slaughter, Cobra La, the twins Tomax and Xamot, Law, Shockwave, Ninja Force Scarlet, and of course Falcon!) but the following are the figures from the vintage line that I have gotten back and almost everyone of them were very important to me in some way, so without further ado: 
I have looked at all of these before but mostly just in Toy Hauls and trade posts, I decided to do them again for this feature!

One of only 2 Snake Eyes that I had, this was my favorite though. (the other one I had was the one that came with Timber!) I loved this version more for some reason and I have him again now. :)
This sailor has always had a place in my heart. My dad was a Senior Chief in the Navy so I loved the Navy related characters and Shipwreck here was one of the cool ones. He might not be one of my favorite Joes but other than the Seal Wet Suit, he might be my favorite of the NAVY characters!
BAZOOKA (1985)
I had him and he was ok. To me he felt a little generic, but he was cool in the toon.
SEA SLUG (1987)
This Cobra soldier is probably my least favorite of my vintage Joes lol. I loved the vehicle that he came with as a kid and wish I had that as well.
I found Destro (and Sea Slug) at Goodwill, but the Despoiler (and the rest of my vintage GIJOE figures) came from a trade with Brother Midnight and these are my favorites! I loved this version more than any other (even to this day) and I loved the Iron Grenadiers!

One thing of note is I forgot to add in is Bushido (1993), which I also had as a kid and was from the Ninja Force subline!

That's it for this week's Vintage Childhood but more are coming!