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Friday, September 30, 2016


"Destro just doesn't understand my feelings... All he ever cares about is outshining the Commander..."
"Um, I only wanted directions back to the Death Star!"

Thursday, September 29, 2016


Where's my paycheck?


Today we take a look at Star Wars Galactic Heroes! This will be short as I only have 3 currently.
 It all started with a Jedi. My first Galactic Heroes figure was Obi-Wan. At that point I juast wanted a new figure for my then existing preschool shelf which had my Imaginest (now on their own shelf), my Optimus Prime playskool heroes and Mr. Potatohead Bumble bee Playskool heroes (both in transformers section), Spidey (in Marvel), Jurassic World Pteradactyl (my first Playskool Heroes figure and now with my dinosaurs and Scooby-Doo and Splashlings shelf), and thats about it I believe. He now resides in my Star Wars area.
 I also got a two-pack much more recently. It had two females so I could not pass it up. Captain Phasma is a favorite of mine and she came with a cloth cape. Ironically she is only my third Phasma (the others are the 18 inch big fig from Jakks, in my SW display and a Funko POP in my Funko display!) She also came with Rey. I love them so much!
Well thats it for now, even more Star Wars week to come!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016


"I am not the Commander you are looking for!"
"He is not the commander we are looking for!"
"You are correct Sandtrooper, Move along sir!"
"I wish I could talk so I could tell Phasma and the Sandtrooper how stupid they are!"


Today I thought I would show off my small Star Wars display.

Here is shot of the wall.
 The 5 cardboard decos here were at Target last winter and were only a buck a piece!
 Here is a 3-D poster (I have 2) that came in a blind bag with a mini comic and a card. They are from the original Star Wars marvel comic! The MArvel Age is printed off my computer.
 I love this poster.
 Another picture I printed off my computer and the other 3-d mini poster. Thank goodness they were different when I bought that second pack I was concerned lol.
 These are window decals that I got at Target last Halloween!
 Wooden decorations of the Millennium Falcon and the cast of Star Wars. Probably the most expensive items in the wall display! That Santa Yoda stocking was Kara's (my cat) stocking last year. Debating if I'll reuse it or get her a new one this year.
 Halloween Lightsaber, Halloween Darth Vader mask, Storm Trooper keychain, and Stormtrooper Halloween mask all of them were purchased at Target!
 Star Wars sticker that were a birthday gift, 3-d glasses that came with the blind bags that had the mini posters, and a Jello mold tray set.
 The crew! I looked at most of these this week. Rey with BB-8, Prototype Boba, Sandtrooper with Speeder Bike, and Luke in Stormtrooper disguise all from Star Wars Black.Captain Phasma, Obi-Wan, and Rey from Galactic Heroes, Rancor, Stormtrooper, Ashoka, Aayla, and a villianess from Indina Jones is about to be devoured by the rancor! Oh and R2 there is a candy dispenser!
 Obi-Wan had fallen so took this after I noticed.
 A 90's titanium (?) ship
 A miniature clone trooper.
 The bottom level of the Star Wars display!
 A Force Awakens pillow!
  Two tins (Vader, Stormtrooper) in the middle though hard to make out is a Darth Vader candy holder!
Campbell's soup and Micro Machines!
 Look at the "Hero ships"
 Here are the "Villain Ships"
 A Close-up of my Micro Machine figures!
 Now for the random stuff! Stormtrooper guarding display!
 Phasma and giant Stormtrooper are on the guard here!
 Darth Maul guards my collection room entrance,
 While Inquisitor and Vader guard my actual entrance!
Well, that was a look at my Star Wars display. I hope you enjoyed this. More Star Wars action is still to come!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016


"Dang it! Batman caused another wreck on my way to work. *Calls work* Yes lord Vader, I am late, but it's Batma----Accck!"


Its a little late as I usually post this Monday morning, but it took me a long time to figure this list out!

Well it's that time of the week again Pop Culture League
Here's This week's topic:

Listicular Fortitude

Top Ten…

I decided to go in a few directions with this. So let's start shall we?

I linked these together because I grew up with My Little Pony n' Friends. I never had these series, but have many ponies now but yet have any Glo-Friends and want them. I consider this in the top ten due to tastes but also because  Pony is around to this day.
9.    JEM
Never had these as kid. I did watch the show regularly though. These dolls looked very much like their packaged images and cartoon counterparts.
8.   TMNT
How could I not? TMNT has been on shelves almost regularly since the 8s. I do believe their was a pause but it was not long. These figures were excellent and although they regularly jumped the shark (Wingnut) they somehow always made em work.
7.   M.U.S.C.LE.
These small pink and eventually other colors wrestlers were so simplistic but awesome. I got them regularly and loved them. Thanks to super 7 they have started making a comeback with properties like Alien, He-Man, and Street Fighter versions!
I lumped these due to the similarity. Go-Bots (now owned by Hasbro) were excellent and were the toys people got when parents did not want to spend much! Ironically, they were just as entertaining and spun-off Rock Lords! Transformers were the ones to survive and exist today. Both lines are here because come on cars that become robots!
One of the greatest. The series and movie were great and the toys had excellent sculpts and were various sizes. These were so awesome.
4.   M.A.S.K.
Cars and other vehicles that turned into different forms. These figures were the same scale as Dino-Riders at 2 ish inches and were a new kind of figure with their gimmick.
I loved this line. Small figures with a dinosaur. 
Arguably the biggest line in history due to what it did. He-Man was the first toyline to become a cartoon after the law banning that was abolished. Also it had 5 inch figures that looked like a cross between Conan and Hulk Hogan and made it work.
1.   G. I. JOE
Although it originated way before the 80s as a 12  inch doll line, we mostly all think of Duke and company when we hear this line. These 3 3/4 figures were well articulated and were so well done back then that many "vintage" figures actually work well with "modern" figures.
10. The Phantom Menace
Nuff' said
9.   Ewoks: The Battle For Endor  &
8.   Caravan Of Courage :An Ewoks Adventure
Unlike most of the movies on this list I actually have to say that these two are tied. I remember liking them as a kid but its been so long that I don't remember them that I had to put them here.
7.   Revenge of the Sith
Good film but not as good as the others and hated Vader.
6.   Star Wars: A New Hope
I know I will get a lot of flak for this, but to be perfectly honest, I am not a huge fan of the original movie, but it definitely ranks higher than most of the prequels.
5.  Attack Of The Clones
I loved this film and lets be honest Padme was awesome in it, not to mention Yoda!
4.   Clone Wars
The only animated movie that was in theatres. This was ok, but so high on the list because it began a great series and introduced us to fan fav Asoka!
3.     Return of the Jedi
I loved Jabba, the Ewoks and the finale!
2.     The Empire Strikes Back
My favorite until last year! Most agree this was the all time best Star Wars film and how can you hate a film that introduced us to great bounty hunters like Boba and Bossk, froze Han, gave us Lando Calrissian, severed Luke's hand, introduced us to one of the most shocking revelations ever, tore 3p0 apart, and gave us planet Hoth?
1.     The Force Awakens
Yes this is my favorite. I think it is because we saw Han, Leia, and Luke again. We see what happened to them and get brought back into even more tear jerking moments. Han!


For this list I left out tv shows and pilots.
10.    DTV: Monster Hits: This was a movie like special based on the bumpers that aired in between programs on the Disney channel back then. The premise was basically hit songs from back then were the background of clips from Disney shorts and movies! This one used Halloween songs like Thriller. It's on Youtube and I watch some of it every year.
9.      The Flintstones meet Rockua and Frankenstone: This hour long special is pretty good and revolves around Fred and Barney meeting a duo of monsters. One thing that mad me giggle in every Flinstone series is even though he has met so many, Fred is always not believing Barney. LOL.
8.     For Better Or For Worst - The Good For Nothing: I had to put it here because as much as I hate to admit it, I have not seen it yet but hear its good so I put it on the list.
7.      The Halloween That Almost Wasn't: One of the only live action specials that are on this list. Who can't love Judd Hirsch as Dracula? Its even funnier because I know him from Dear John!
6.    The Last Halloween: One of the last Hanna Barbera projects I believe, is the other live action special on this list. Sadly, it was also the last Halloween special made during my kid era that I remember so clearly. Gotta love the aliens!
5.   Claymation Comedy of Horrors: I loved this series of specials so much. They regularly used the California Raisins as well. Though not one I watched regularly, I still have to admit that it is pretty good and do watch it occasionally to this day!
4.     Mad, Mad Monsters: I have yet to see this in its entirity but what I have seen I have loved. Though this Rankin Bass special could be considered a movie I decided to put ot here!
3.     Garfield's Halloween Adventure: Ok first thing is I was born in July 1978, Garfield came to newspapers in June 1978! Also this was not only one of the best Garfield specials, but one of the best Halloween specials as well!
2.       It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown: To my knowledge unlike any others on this list, this special is still aired on network television to this day. It has such memorable quotes :"I got a rock!" and who doesn't hope Linus meets the Great Pumpkin every time they see it no matter how many times you watch it? I still hope the Great Pumpkin arrives somehow! :)
1.      Raggedy Anne and Andy: The Pumpkin wWho Couldn't Smile: It's been forever since I've seen this but I remember looking forward to this every year.

There are many more specials and toys that deserve mentioning like, I'm not going to do that, but I had only 10 spots. Like my take on this challenge then why not check out my fellow league members' posts?
You might have noticed that I slipped Star Wars in (thats due to Star Wars Week going on here at my blog):
I added the Halloween specials due to it being so close to Halloween and because I am busy working on articles for my "31 Days of Halloween!" I decided to premiere the logo of that event now:

I hope you enjoyed my top tens this week and my fellow League member's posts as well. 


Today we are taking a look at Last Year's Star Destroyer playset from Micro Machines! One of the greatest things to come from The force Awakens (other than a great film and more) was the return of a favorite line of mine! I wish they had released cars and boats from today like the old line but the return of SW micro Machines was still great!
 The box looks great and very reminiscent of classic Micro Machines if memory serves right.
 The back shows off what the playset can do!
 Closed up it is a great display piece all by itself! This is a great sized Star Destroyer and you don't need to like Micro Machines to appreciate this sculpt. No paint but looks great!
 Once you open it, you see the beauty inside. There are stickers and are very tricky to place especially with a shaky hand. I say that cause I was so nervous I shook the whole time!
 It came with what you see here. An X-Wing fighter, Kylo Ren, and a Tie Fighter. The inside looks just like a star destroyer and is pretty cool.
There were also blind bags (and still are able to be found everywhere) so you can add a whole micro world like I did here. My favorites thus far are the Dewback and Wampa and I found them both in blind packs!
 In the back, you can open it  yp to show a corridor. In full disclosure, I did NOT find Darth Vader or Luke Skywalker in blind packs, but in a $10 pack. To my knowledge, the figures were only available in the $10 sets, playsets, and a TRU box set! oh and I forgot the outside does have paint at the end for the engines.
Sadly, There has not been any new product since Force Friday last year except for series 2 of the blind bags. Also everywhere seems to be clearancing them off, I got this Star Destroyer at TRU for a good price! I hope we'll see more this Friday but I doubt it. I wish Micro Machines had done better but you never know it might be back again someday after all the force is strong with this line :)

 I wish though that Mattel had put out not only modern vehicles but some DC ones would have been great. I still regret not buying the set from the 89 movie that I found opened awhile back ago :( I know if I find the Star Trek ones from the 90s I'll jump on those lol. Hope you enjoyed this look at Micro Machines and remember as John Moschitta Jr. (Blurr from The Transformers) once said "If it doesn't say Micro Machines, it's not the real thing!" 

Monday, September 26, 2016


Hey Come On Man! Can't You See That There Is A line?


This is day two of Star Wars week. Almost two years ago I launched the prototype form of this blog, in fact that blog now links to this one. A review that I never finished got posted by accident and I promised to post the review. That never did happen, so I decided two years late is
better than never right? That is why unlike yesterday when I showed my 6 inch Star Wars figures, I decided to focus on Fett here.

 If you know Star Wars black figures, you know this guys articulation.  Like many figures of today he is well articulated and can be put in many poses. He came with a gun that is long misplaced, but I display him with a set of Masters of the Universe Classics weapons, but more on that later! His head sculpt is pretty accurate. I should say that as far as I know, this is the exact same figure as the regulas Boba Fett figure, just white. So why is this the prototype Boba? In the begining Boba was going to be an elite Stormtrooper and not a bounty hunter. That is why he is so stormtrooper like in the colors here. I honestly prefer this version and have him as a stormtrooper in my canon.
 His cape like thing is non removeable but is cloth, which is cool.
 Like the Boba we know, he has a jetpack.
 Which is now removeable unlike the 80s toy.
 HE has a hole that it snaps into.
 The sculpt is pretty cool. Obviously since this guy is supposed to be all white there are minimal paint apps but it works. The weapons that I use are Draego Man's from MOTUC. I should point out that these were cost cutted from the Draego Man figure though. So if you want them they are in the Weapon's Pack that has a gray Zoar in it (bird). Boba here is long gone from Walgreens but  was an exclusive there and I do recommend him.
Whew! I just righted a wrong from almost two years ago. LOL. Tomorrow, let's get Micro!