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Monday, October 31, 2016


Before I start this, I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Halloween and using a spider character in this qualifies this as the last post of 31 days of Halloween and it was rough but I feel like I have acomplished something. So from now on enjoy 3 or so posts a week from me. Also I am exhausted so I will post the last Halloween Special Review Weekend post later this week (yes there is one more!).
Now  onto:

  It is time once again for the weekly Pop Culture League challenge from Cool and Collected!
 This week is

"Cast your Ballot!

Pop culture presidents."
 I was racking my brain on who would be a good president. My first thought was the one known as the boyscout:
  The only problem? He is an immigrant and you need to be US born.
My next thought was The fastest man alive Flash. Sure Barry tries to do good, but would he really be a good president? No but I think he'd be a great vice president!
 No the choice is simple,
 I mean who else is perfect? He has learned from his mistakes and knows how to compromise and get his policy through (webs anyone?) plus he has a great message: With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility Kids!

 I purposely skipped Captain America!

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  • Cassie at Cassie's Library has a berry good answer and makes me think our future would be berry brite!

Sunday, October 30, 2016


My Halloween Animation Specials Weekend continues with this classic from 1991. I was well aware of Claymation and the California Raisins and the Christmas special featuring Claymation but until a few years ago, I had never heard of this particular special.
 It all starts off with Dr. Frankenstein, er I mean Frankenswine in the past as he is about to create the monster. Then we are brought to the present. We meet two pigs (Vince and Wilshire) and the snail Shelldon. They working on a carnival ride that puts you upside down and makes your money fall out of your pockets. Unfortunately it blows up and Vince vanishes. Shelldon falls into the crater and discovers the lost diary of Victor Frankenswine, which is the cause of the adventure.
 Wilshire and Shelldon go to the castle  and are greeted by a weird monster and are shocked to discover a party. They impersonate Dr. Jeckyll and Hyde as Wilshire searched for the monster of Frankenswine.
 Eventually they are discovered by his dead skeletal pig Granny and in the course of running away from the monsters they find the lab and eventually we do see Vince again.
 Overall this special was pretty good. I loved that it was actually pretty humorous like when they asked for the way to the laboratory and they were sent instead to the lavatory (or bathroom). Also w hen the monsters are ready to kill them the chainsaw maniac's chainsaw stops working and Shelldon tells him what is wrong and it starts working again.
 There were also dated things like the infomercial person or the motivational speaker as those were huge in the 90s but they still work.
 My only gripe would be that it got boring in places and the California Raisins never appeared lol.
I still think it is amazing on what they could and STILL can do with clay animation!
 Will Vinton is the one who was a part of most oif not all of the Claymation specials in one way or another and produced this one. Barry Bruce directed it. The only voice that was familiar was Brian Cummings and that is because he voiced Dr. Mindbender in the original G.I.Joe and a lot of miscellaneous voices in other cartoons such as Gummi Bears, Beauty and the Beast, Darkwing Duck, DuckTales, Bernstein Bears (1985), Shirt Tales, Garfield and Friends, Denver the Last Dinosaur, and Pound Puppies.
Overall it was a great little special and recommend it to anyone who likes the Claymation specials!

Saturday, October 29, 2016


 I was actually a little nervous about reviewing this classic special that first aired on CBS on October 31, 1979. Why? Because unlike the other ones that I announced this one I did watch as a kid and have great memories of. Cassie will tell you some things from our childhood are best left as memories and I was afraid this might be one of them. The way it opened, very confusingly as it showed scenes that we would soon see rather than a theme song, made me think I was right, Guess what? I was wrong!
  The special featured Raggedy Ann and Andy.
  The plot is simple but sweet. Basically a kid named Ralph is sad because he cannot go trick or treating because of his mean old Aunt Agatha. She thinks that kids trick or treating are stealing and when Ralph asks for a pumpkin she says they cause fires and attract fruit flies. She also says go to bed (before 8PM) so that they can go to the museum in the morning.
  So Ann and Andy, with their dog Arthur search for a pumpkin for Ryan. Also while Andy thinks Agatha is eveil and mean, Ann believes that she just needs to be reminded of the joy of Halloween.
 This special did get annoying at times like the depressed pumpkin but I think that they did that on purpose so that we would feel his pain. He is still unwanted on Halloween night and says "who wants a pumpkin after Halloween?" as he cries.
 There are a lot of humorous scenes like when this cat gets ready to attack the mouse that left its hole because it was "Fed up" with the pumpkin's depression and is carried away by the pumpkin on an out of control skateboard.
  Or when Ann, Arthur, and Andy run after them and go into this man's house and he is like "nice costumes."
 Or when the police officer calls in three ghosts on wheels, a jogger going 50 MPH, and a cat on a pumpkin on a skateboard and the dispatcher flat out asks him if his family has any mental health issues.
  Overall I loved this special and it definitely is worth checking out again. I'd recommend it to anyone who likes old specials, Raggedy Ann or Any, or the voices of Daws Butler and June Foray.
  So who are they? I kept getting annoyed because Andy sounded so familiar, so I did a wiki search on both of them. First will be June Foray. She  has voiced people and characters that if your reading my blog you've heard of. She was the voice of many witches in cartoons such as Lonney Tunes' Witch Hazel, Disney's Witch Hazel (from my favorite Donald Duck short Trick or Treat), and the witch in the Tom And Jerry short "The Flying Sorceress." She is also the voice of Granny in the Tweety shorts, Mrs. Featherby in the Duck Tales movie, and both Natasha and Rocky in "Rocky and Bullwinkle!"

 Daws Butler has a lot of recognizable characters such as Spike the dog (Tom and Jerry). He was also the voice of many famous and not so famous Hanna Barbera chaarcters until his death on May 18. 1988. These included Loopy De Loop, Hokey Wolf, Auggie Doggie, Huckleberry Hound, Quickdraw Mcgraw, Baba Looey, Peter Potamus, Snagglepuss, Wally Gator, Yogi Bear, Mr. Cogswell, and the reason I was recognizing him in the first place. His Andy voice is identical to his Elroy Jetson voice.

 The writer of this special is also familiar to me as it was Chuck Jones. You all know his work. He was the uncredited layout artist on Disney's classic Sleeping Beauty, Animation consultant on "Who Framed Roger Rabbit", director on "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" animated special, and worked on many Looney Tunes classics such as "Transylvania 6-5000" and "To Beep or Not To Beep". As well as many Tom and Jerry shorts. It is cool that they all have Tom and Jerry in common.

 Oh and Chuck Jones also directed the very first short that one of my three favorite Looney Tunes characters (the other two are Lola Bunny and Road Runner) appeared in!

So that's a look at "The Pumpkin Who Wouldn't Smile." Even more reviews all weekend long!

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Friday, October 28, 2016



 Okay I need to be completely honest here, I am not a fan of this series at all. The only reason I sat down to watch this special was because it is one of the few cartoon cartoon related specials that I have not seen. I was also hoping it would be good as the other specials from Cartoon Network were better than their shows. Billy and Mandy's Jakked Up Halloween for example was excellent and even better than the series, which I also loved.
 It begins with Edd, obviously bored and waiting for something. He has put leaves in piles by color and perhaps shape to and in between, reading a book. Suddenly Eddy comes out of school angry because he had received detention by his teacher on Halloween of all days.
 They go see Ed who is in a zombie like negative state from watching to much horror videos. What happens next is typical Ed, Edd, and Eddy. While the Ed's begin their hunt for the fabled Spookiville, they run into co-stars from the cartoon, which Ed hallucinates as monsters. In the end, the revelation of what spookiville is is so predictable and stupid that I rolled my eyes.
 Overall, like many cartoon cartoons this was predictable and funny in many ways but overall nothing truly saves it. The animation is just as bad as the series and although most if not all of the Cartoon Cartoons had this animation, this show looks bad and annoying. The characters are annoying and unlikable in my opinion. At least in this special, Edd or Double D was enjoyable but the plot was still ugh and the hallucinations of Ed got old fast. This took place on Halloween and most of the kids that Ed hallucinated as monsters were trick or treaters. The mythical Spookiville was supposed to be the candy promised land and they spent most of the night looking for it. If I had to find any positives, I'd have to say that parts were funny like a scene at the end. Also, at first the hallucinations were interesting like the group of teenage girls but as I said, they did get old pretty fast.
 I am going to say to avoid this special unless you are a fan of Ed, Edd, and Eddy. I was not impressed.

Thursday, October 27, 2016



This week I decided to do my favorite Halloween Restaurant premiums. The main reason is I ran out of Halloween ones that I own and wanted to keep this article weekly!

 #10: Ghostbusters! from McDonalds
 There was supposedly another set with toys, but these are not the ones I had.
No, I had the school supplies set. My favorites were the eraser, the notepad, and the slimer pencil topper. I think this happy meal is the very reason I just had to have the new Ghostbusters erasers that I saw at Wal-Mart as I now have a new GB Symbol eraser, but I still need that Slimer pencil topper again and would love to run across that notepad someday.
I still regret not getting Dracula at Goodwill. I saw this one and the one from the sequel at the same time and was like I don't need both. At the time I was not amassing a huge Restaurant premium collection yet. Also I absolutely love this movie series!
 # 8:
I only need 2 now from this series. Well technically 3, but I have no interest in having the Frankie glasses. I have found all but the glasses, werewolf, and blob at Goodwill! I think these just look so much better than the ones from the first movie. Gotta love Mabel on the bike!
# 7:
Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Ok I won't say it again but I had one of these figures from Burger King as a kid and would love to add any of them to my collection. They were double sided and when turned around, it was another character from Beetlejuice. Crap!

# 6:
McDonalds candy despensers.
 I forgot to get a picture, but I have featured the 4 I have on this blog recently. These are cool because you pop up the mask to reveal the character from McDonalds like a mcnugget!
 # 5A
 # 5B,
 # 5C:
The greatest part of Halloween as a kid were these pails. I was hoping to find one this year at Goodwill but no luck. I do plan to buy this year's pail on the first though (Peanuts). Though if I ever find any of these at Goodwill or a thrift store, i'd buy any, my main goal is the witch or ghost ones! I had to put these on the list as any kid of the 80s remembers these!
 # 4:
These guys are pretty cool and I have none, though I do have most of the candy despenser wave. They remind me of an earlier McDonald's promotion that had Looney Tunes dressed up as members of the Justice League!
 # 3: I have to say any of the Burger King Simpsons kids meal figures are on this list, but I love Kang and Kudos (?) so much. So that is why I chose this wave's image.
 # 2:
 There were 2 Halloween waves, but this is the one that I had and they were so cool. They are on this list as like the pails, most 80s/ 90s kids remember these.
# 1:
These figures were odd for a free toy. They had great likenesses and had 5 poa and were awesome! I miss my set so much! These are my all time favorite on this list so are # 1!

*All images are from Ebay!

Sadly, I do not have most of these but I have to say they are all so great premiums and needed to be put on this list!


 This is going to be a quick one today. Today we are taking a quick look at the werewolf figure from the Doctor Who line. This is from the line when it was 5 inches and when David Tennant was still the doctor. At the time that I bought this figure, believe it or not I had never seen Doctor Who, Sarah Jane, or Torchwood!So, back when Wondercon (now in the San Diego area) was in San Francisco,  I bought a Sarah Jane 2-pack for myself and Cassie due to her love of it and me hearing about Sarah Jane all the time. I also picked this guy up that same day because well it is a cool werewolf.
 Look at this sculpt! That face is so cool and terrifying. I loved his episode, yes I have seen the shows since (or at least in the case of Doctor Who from Eckilson to the begining of the current Doctor's run.)
 This guy is huge when stood up and towers over my figures.
 HEre he is next to my Sarah Jane figure (5 inches) so that gives you an idea of his size.
For fun, lets also take a quick look at my other werewolf figure, Sonic the werehog! I never played this game*, but saw the short with him in it and love this 3 3/4 figure! I got him many years ago when SF had a TRU (Kaybee size) store in the mall one Christmas. *I have played and loved Sonic the hedgehog, I am talking about the were hog game (unleashed?)

I recommend both figures!

So that is a quick look at the Doctor Who Werewolf figure. Come back tomorrow for.... my Halloween specials reviews!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016


Pokemon is celebrating 20 years and I still can't believe it. I was almost an adult when it began and you know what? I still became addicted. I had the cards, toys, etc. I only did not have the games. My favorite was and still is:
 I loved Mew so much that I named my first cat Mew in 2000. I love everything Mew (in fact the only movies I have bought were Mew related) and related. That includes Mewtwo.
 Cassie and I were at Wal-Mart recently and saw Mewtwo. I passed on him. The next time, I picked him up after Cassie said you will regret it if you never get him.
 You know what? I would have to.
 This figure is awesome. Its based on his new form but still looks close enough to his original for me to enjoy and his articulation is great.
 I just need a Mew now.
 The wobbuffet is from McDonald's,
 But I have no clue where Pikachu is from, both Pikachu and wobbuffet were purchased at Goodwill.

So that is a look at Mewtwo.

Cassie has her own blog at: Cassie's Library!

Oh and waiting for my reviews of Halloween specials? They begin this Friday and run until Halloween! So get ready for "Halloween Specials Review Weekend!"

Mew image: By Promotional press kit material for the Pok√©mon series. Artwork is by Ken Sugimori for the video games and players guides., Fair use,