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Alexis Lasek (Page Owner)
Alexis is a 39 year old toy collector and reviewer!

Saturday, December 31, 2016


I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year! The strips are from the Family Circus book that I got this year!

Also, I will not be doing a top 10 list, but did think I would say a few (or so) of my favorite things this year! Toy wise, I only put in stuff that I own and wanted to point that out as there were some greats this year like the Neca turtle sets, the WWE turtles, the Power Rangers classics, Elena of Avalor and much more!

  • Transformers Titans Return : I am a huge fan of this line and the only reason that I have so few is lack of money for the bigger ones and not being able to find the ones that I want like Wheelie.
  • Megabloks! The TMNT ones to be exact as I love the classic line that they are doing. In fact, I was almost all-in (I had just not bought three sets yet) until I saw the price of the technodrome!
  • Discovering Goodwill. I might have a problem but I own so much good stuff now and for so little!
  • As sappy as this is, starting this blog. I love this community and love doing it. Plus as my comment section from this POST proves, I have made some friends and just so that they know, I cried when I read those comments. They meant so much to me and I think of you guys as friends as well. I didn't respond then due to not knowing what to say, so thank you guys.
On a side note, I almost said "Goodbye Everyone" for my title as a joke but decided against it.

So that is it for 2016, I had some regrets such as not doing the Christmas countdown or Lego calendar, but overall I like what I have done and what my blog has become and hope that you all agree!

Before I go, here is a preview of an upcoming review of a Muppet story book that I will be reviewing sometime in January!.

I actually had planned to review the winter story during my countdown but now will just review the whole book!

A message from Kermit!

And Finally, an activity page.
 So that is it for 2016 I guess, I will see you all in 2017! Monday should be a new Goodwill Haul post, part one of a couple most likely!

Friday, December 30, 2016


Like many others, I was saddened by the news that Carrie Fisher had passed on the 27'th at 60. This was a lost to us all. I remember being amazed by how strong she was when I first saw it. She not only could handle her own, but taught the boys something at times. We will all miss her, I hope you and your mom are together in the force. That's right on the 28'th, her mother died as well. Many believe that it was a stroke caused from a broken heart! I looked up her mother Debbie Reynolds and although I knew that I had seen her before, I never realized how much until now. She was in one of my all time favorite Halloween movie series, Halloweentown! You to will be missed Debbie.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016


 As you may know, Pop Culture League is no more.  Enter: Mr. Smith's Round Robin Challenges! MR. Smith, like many of us was sad to see it go and started his own challenge. All of the details and the twist can be found HERE!

 So what is the first week's challenge? It is: "Christmas Wishes V. Christmas Reality!"

I waited to do this one because I tried to figure out a less sad post but sadly I cannot. The truth is I have no friends at all currently so literally the only thing I got was some money from my dad (which I am grateful for but most of it went to food and other necessities). I think the one thing that makes it great for me is I buy my self presents but to be surprised, I buy blind bags and look forward to it every year. I missed getting presents from others like I had in the past (my friend ending the friendship happened suddenly) and it was a depressing lonely day. Thank god for Kara!

So my wishes would be presents from friends vs the reality of presents from myself. Yeah pathetic isn't it? If I were to be more to the point, my wish would be to celebrate the holiday with family and friends and not alone!

See what others said about this week's challenge:

Sunday, December 25, 2016


Sorry about my lack of updates but due to "holiday" depression and being sick, I really haven't done that much at all these last few weeks. 😾

Before I start, I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! To those who do not celebrate Christmas, Happy Holidays!

This toy haul is actually mostly stuff that I got in November/early December. What I do is buy blind bags and toss them into a stocking with some candy and candy canes and open em up on Christmas morning! This way I get Christmas presents on Christmas and they are a surprise!

 First off, the duplicates.
 Although the ghost is a duplicate, mine broke so this was a good one to get and dress E.T. now completes the ones that I wanted (there are 2 others but I have the 2 I wanted, ironically I got them both today lol)
 A Pony.
 Her name is Golden Delicious!
 Ok so I bought a Marvel 500 way back in series 1 and felt it was dumb and decided to stay away. This time I bought another and guess what? Although a better sculpt than the series one one I got Cap again lol! I only own TWO Marvel 500's and they are both CAP!
 This was both awesome and shocking! I only bought 2 Thomas blind bags and I got 2 of the 3 Tootsie Roll cars!
 So I have been buying the thrilling 30 Transformers for awhile now, but started on series 2. I found a couple series 1's at Wal-Mart.
 Imagine my shock to discover not only cards but a checklist!
 I got Classic Megatron (he's awesome!), Prime Soundwave and Prime Starscream!  I got Megatron on the 23 and Starscream yesterday as I found them on the 23 for 2 bucks each and just could not wait lol!
 I also got this cutie. What is surprising is I thought I picked up puppy in my pocket and was disappointed that Walgreens had no Kitty. This was a welcomed surprise in more ways than one.
Check out her name! 😸

Ok that wraps up my CHRISTMAS PRESENTS TOY HAUL. Expect me to return with new posts mon, wed, and fri starting in January. I am still not feeling that well. :( Also starting in 2017, this blog will become strictly pop culture (mostly toys). That means children's books, comics, toys, and media related to those things (Video games might be reviewed). All other stuff will be on my other blog. Basically my TG week post and Gilmore Girls review would have been on the other blog if it had been 2017! I should be back at least once more this week and then will officially be back next week!

Tuesday, December 20, 2016


As the title implies, Cool and Collected has shut down the League. 😾
While I can't say that i'm surprised as he has been participating less and less due to real life issues (as it should be). I will say however that I am saddened by this news and will always visit my fellow league members' pages. In fact most of the regulars are in my links section!
So this might be the end of the league, but it is not the end of the league members and their blogs!

Just for the heck of it, lets do this once more, see what my fellow league members think of this news:

If there are any more, I will link them.

Sunday, December 18, 2016


Hi I'm Alexis and I have a problem.... I say this because here is another of my 
I got everything for less than $25 all together I believe and it i from 3 trips!
 Let's start with Disney shall we? Anna and Elsa are just mini figures but the Elsa in the middle can come out of her dress!
 Belle is riding a horsie and the dog toy from Burger King is from Oliver and company I believe. I never saw that movie. Robin Hood is from McDonalds. The Queen is a tsum tsum from Jaks Pacific. Sadly Ariel is missing her hand 😾
 I kept leaving this but then I discovered that it is from the extremely Goofy movie.
 Cinderella, Tangled lizard, frog, and Aurora
Bullseye and graduation Tigger!
 I also found another Animal Kingdom toy.
This is him opened.
Even more goodies including Flintstones, Spider-Man, Vintage HotWheels, and more after the jump!

Friday, December 16, 2016


To celebrate Star Wars Rogue One, I decided to review one of the few Star Wars things that I have yet to see, plus it is Friday, so its a review weekend!. 1978 was a great year, the best ever in my opinion (although I might be biased.) A dozen of eggs were less than 50 cents, a lb. of bacon was only $120, an 8-track player was only $169.00, the VW Beetle stops production, Sesame Street celebrated Christmas Eve on network television, Garfield goes into production in June, and about a month later I was born in July! ;) Oh and in November Star Wars got a holiday special, but we want to know more about me right? I was.....okay okay...We'll discuss the special!

I heard how bad this was ever since I found out about many years ago, but never could bring myself to actually watch it. I mean come on Wookies living like humans? I am of course talking about the now very much infamous Star Wars Holiday Special! As I type this introduction I have only gotten through about 7 or 8 minutes of this hour and a half special and can tell why it is so infamous.
 It all starts with Chewie and Han trying to out run some Star Destroyers to get Chewie back to Kashyyk in time for Life day. We next are shown a house in the trees where Chewie's family lives. We see his son Lumpy (Yes Lumpy) playing with a model airplane as his grandpa Itchy is working on another.
 Look at Itchy's face.
 Lumpy tries to sneak a cookie.
Soon, his mom sends him to take out the trash as she continues to cook. Lumpy then goes on the railing outside and does a tightrope act many stories off the ground (I bet parents had a field day trying to keep their kids from doing that). Soon Lumpy returns after Malla looks at a pic of Chewie. Grandpa Itchy then plays an acrobatic holofile for Lumpy to watch. This was a normal thing to add in these old variety shows.

It then gets better as we meet with Luke who with R2, is fixing an engine somewhere unspecified. Then we see Vader. Then back t stupidity as Malla begins t cook while watching a cooking show. So far the parts that make this show so unbearable ARE the Wookie scenes and its because we know that they do not live like this and it is just so horribly stupid in my opinion.
 Although I do enjoy variety shows/ specials, this just seems so wrong and boring. I think it is because it revolves around Chewie's family and I just do NOT like them. Unlike the other Star Wars characters, they aren't really fleshed out much and you are always trying to discover what is going on as they just growl like Chewie, and in many scenes it is just them and no subtitles so you need to follow what they are physically doing to understand it. The problem with that is the quality.
 This special never was released on VIDEO or DVD and therefore only recordings from its original airing exist. This is why the quality is so bad I mean this was 1978 and HD did not exist yet.
 I will say no matter how bad this special is, it has one big positive: Boba Fett's first media appearance (I say media as he supposedly appeared first in a parade or something). The appearance is animated and I really enjoyed the animation. Even with the poor picture quality, it was very good which makes me think it might have been even better on TV! The animation is also much better than most cartoons of it's time!

From what I could find, it seems that this special aired on November 17, 1978. This never aired again and was something that George Lucas himself despised and tried to erase it from history from what I have heard, hence why it has never been released on DVD or VIDEO. This special is pretty bad and I would not recommend it to anyone except for those who like crappy specials or die hard STAR WARS fans. I can see why Lucas tried to bury this horrible special!

Thursday, December 15, 2016


The above image is of my green Christmas tree in the collection room, this post is however about my pink one in my bed room. I have added more ornaments since I took these photos but thought I woud share them anyway. I would show the new ornaments but I am still under the weather. Also witch Christmas just ten days away, I am trying to catch up with what I wanted to do this month (because of that I will probably post the lego advent calendar contents in a mega post on Christmas eve and try to do a post at midnight and noon as often as possible to review and showcase what I wanted to. Also some things might be posted on my other blog (Alexis' blog link in my blog list) so you might want to  keep an eye on that to.
First of all, here is my tree!
 This Truffles the pig from Farmville!
 A chicken from Farmville,
 Ace from Farmville
 and a Farmville cow, I also have a horse on the tree as well. These were my first blind bags btw as they were sold blindboxed and I was so huge into farmville at the time that I hunted for them!
 A Little Mermaid bubble bath!
 Optimus Prime
 A dog
 better pic
 my star
 Santa plush next to the tree
 A solar Santa near tree
 Santa necklace pon wall behind tree
and my Nativity scene!

Hope you enjoyed this quick look at my Christmas tree!