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Alexis Lasek (Page Owner)
Alexis is a 39 year old toy collector and reviewer!

Saturday, December 31, 2016


I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year! The strips are from the Family Circus book that I got this year!

Also, I will not be doing a top 10 list, but did think I would say a few (or so) of my favorite things this year! Toy wise, I only put in stuff that I own and wanted to point that out as there were some greats this year like the Neca turtle sets, the WWE turtles, the Power Rangers classics, Elena of Avalor and much more!

  • Transformers Titans Return : I am a huge fan of this line and the only reason that I have so few is lack of money for the bigger ones and not being able to find the ones that I want like Wheelie.
  • Megabloks! The TMNT ones to be exact as I love the classic line that they are doing. In fact, I was almost all-in (I had just not bought three sets yet) until I saw the price of the technodrome!
  • Discovering Goodwill. I might have a problem but I own so much good stuff now and for so little!
  • As sappy as this is, starting this blog. I love this community and love doing it. Plus as my comment section from this POST proves, I have made some friends and just so that they know, I cried when I read those comments. They meant so much to me and I think of you guys as friends as well. I didn't respond then due to not knowing what to say, so thank you guys.
On a side note, I almost said "Goodbye Everyone" for my title as a joke but decided against it.

So that is it for 2016, I had some regrets such as not doing the Christmas countdown or Lego calendar, but overall I like what I have done and what my blog has become and hope that you all agree!

Before I go, here is a preview of an upcoming review of a Muppet story book that I will be reviewing sometime in January!.

I actually had planned to review the winter story during my countdown but now will just review the whole book!

A message from Kermit!

And Finally, an activity page.
 So that is it for 2016 I guess, I will see you all in 2017! Monday should be a new Goodwill Haul post, part one of a couple most likely!


  1. Im more then a little happy to see this year come to an end!

    1. You and me both. I feel so old with all the celebrities and musicians I grew up with passing away this year. It sucks. "F" 2016!

    2. I am as well honestly, I just wanted to do one last post for 2016 and was to lazy to take photos to do a normal post lol. I also wanted to acknowledge what you all guys said in my post comments this week.

    3. Meant it. If you're in the area, you are welcome to visit.

  2. I was almost going to have a "Goodwill" problem when I discovered one being opened in a plaza literally walking distance from where I live.It turns out It was a donation center ,not a store :( Happy New Year Alexis.

  3. Welcome 2017! Happy New Year Alexis.

    Megabloks has really put together a nice lineup that rivals licensed Lego. The more blocks, the better.