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Alexis Lasek (Page Owner)

Alexis Lasek (Page Owner)
Alexis is a 39 year old toy collector and reviewer!

Friday, December 2, 2016


This month, I will open each day and review it right here, my opinions and thoughts. Today's item is:

Although I like the firewoman, she even has a yellow air tank, glad to see they still use the same mold for those as they did in the 80s! lol). However what is with the guitar? On the box it has her rocking and another firefighter making food for Santa, don't they have better things to do like um, fight fires? lol. Obviously I kid as I know that LEGO does the fun thing and I think this is cute and a much stronger offering than yesterday's thankfully!

Before I go, here is my rock group... "The Monstrous Fire Duo" singing their hit single "Don't Fear The Fire!"

Tomorrow I will be back at midnight with my opinions on the CW Crossover Heroes V. Aliens and then be back here at noon for yet another Lego review!


  1. I havent bought one of these in a good number of years. I always end up opening the entire thing then feeling bad lol

  2. LOL. I knew that I'd be busy on the first, so I opened the first 2 days last week! I was so annoyed that I had nothing to open those days lol. Here is the third and because my camera died I won't be getting todays post up on time lol. I will go ahead and reveal that it is a build. lol. I hate waiting so it shocks me that I can force myself to wait to open them on the days and not open my blind bags that I buy until Christmas Day (well after midnight at least) ;)