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Alexis Lasek (Page Owner)
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Tuesday, December 27, 2016


 As you may know, Pop Culture League is no more.  Enter: Mr. Smith's Round Robin Challenges! MR. Smith, like many of us was sad to see it go and started his own challenge. All of the details and the twist can be found HERE!

 So what is the first week's challenge? It is: "Christmas Wishes V. Christmas Reality!"

I waited to do this one because I tried to figure out a less sad post but sadly I cannot. The truth is I have no friends at all currently so literally the only thing I got was some money from my dad (which I am grateful for but most of it went to food and other necessities). I think the one thing that makes it great for me is I buy my self presents but to be surprised, I buy blind bags and look forward to it every year. I missed getting presents from others like I had in the past (my friend ending the friendship happened suddenly) and it was a depressing lonely day. Thank god for Kara!

So my wishes would be presents from friends vs the reality of presents from myself. Yeah pathetic isn't it? If I were to be more to the point, my wish would be to celebrate the holiday with family and friends and not alone!

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  1. Ya got us. we are your friends. maybe not come-over-and-hang friends but still.

  2. Ditto what Mr. Smith said.I don't have many friends either ,just me and my fam.

  3. they beat me to it , Im your friend! Dont feel bad I didnt get anything for Christmas either.

  4. Chiming in with the rest. Come visit any time.