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Alexis Lasek (Page Owner)
Alexis is a 39 year old toy collector and reviewer!

Wednesday, December 7, 2016


Time for another toy haul. All of these are from late November- present!  Everything is from Goodwill UNLESS OTHERWISE stated!
First up are these Halloween finds. The ghost winds up and the witch appears to be a bag clip made up of blocks!
These are all going up on my tree! An M&M candy container topper, a Marley and me Dog Chow ornament, and a Santa Tweety keychain!
Some Marvel Comics goodness. A Havok Megabloks figure, a devil Spidey, White Tiger, Spidey in a sandwich, and Nova (not pictured as he disappeared ) from Ultimate Spider-Man!
A couple of Big Birds.
A Few Disney characters.
A flag, a missle, Firefly, and two Chap Mei figures.
A snake monster (Added Sea Slug, which I got from Goodwill months ago to show scale). He is sold at TRU in a playset and I almost bought the playset because I wanted him, glad that I didn't. I got him for a dollar or two.
I got this Creature from Bottomless Lake (From Scooby) for a buck.
I got this boring cop for a buck, but wait theres more...
Thankfully I knew that he was a Ghostbusters figure. He now marks my first Real Ghostbusters non ghost sidekick figure as I still don't have the guys.
A cute puppy to add to my Pound Puppies.
 I also got Fugitoid for just a dollar!
Rat King shocked me. I might not be a fan of most of the designs of the Nick Turtles but I like his look and he now resides in my tiny Nick area.
A Rugrat, Dora, and Apple Jack from Pony!
Go Speed Racer Go!
A 1990's Flintstones figure!
A Polar Bear, A Gorilla, and a Wombat (the wombat is actually from Yowie and I had a good collection of them already!)
More frogs to add to my shelf! The middle one is Michigan J. Frog and is suprisingly my first version of him as he is my second favorite Looney Tune, but then I have nothing of my favorite Looney Tune (Road Runner) yet (unless you count a very old book).
A vintage Papa Smurf!
A vintage Grumpy Bear!!
A G. I. Joe sized robot that I got at Family Dollar for a little more than a buck.
A Couple books to add to my  vintage collection!
A Peanuts Hallmark Ornament!
 A bunch of stuff including a realistic frog for my collection and some scenery things.
 Cabbage Patch Kids Happy Meal
 Yogi Car
 Charlie Brown (McDonalds), Mr. Men figure, and a snow man
 Misc Cars. Daffy, Babs Bunny, 101 Dalmatians, Mac Tonight (the third I have now but this one I had as a kid!), and Gobo Fraggle!
 Babs is a flip car and can become Plucky
 The dalmation is also a flip car and becomes that slug creature, no this is not trick photography, I bought a second when I saw it so that I could display both sides!
 And Gobo Fraggle completes the widespread McDonalds Fraggle Rock collection. (A year earlier they did a "test run" in one state and that had Gobo and Red I believe. It also had 2 dozers, which are very rare!)
 An angel by Schleich.
 Misc Disney characters, i have no clue who the polar bear is, anyone know? The other two are the Tigger and Stitch!
 Olympics Barbie originally from McDonalds.
 Scooby Parachute
 Comic toys! These are originally from Restaurants and are a Men In Black (MIB I or II) alien, X-Men Evolution Wolverine, and Plastic Man!
 Santa Bendy
 Clifford, LPS (The Littlest Pet Shop) Mouse, and a Sheppard.
 Lego and unknown figure (a MEgabloks figure? any clue?)
 Sky Surfer Strike Force
 A Trade Federation tank
 A Fisher Price Cop and an Imaginext firefighter!
 A Jurassic Park velociraptor!
 Even more 3 3/4 figures!
 A bear
 I had Batman.
 A GID RGB ghost!
 My modest Real Ghostbusters collection grew just in this post! lol
 A Food Fighters figure (I bought it when I saw it because of Pixel Dan!)
 Mindwipe I got on sale at Wal-Mart!
 A Hotwheel from Wal-Mart!
 Mash-ems Iron Man and a Hulk!
 Caps shield (in scale for a 12 inch figure!)
 The Brothers together!
 More misc scenery stuff
 misc stuff. Yes that is a Skylander playable in the game! Gotta love the Goodwill!
 Ariel yo-yo
 scooby toy
 I now have 3 of the 7 needed to make the haunted house!
 I can now connect two of them!
 Misc DC Comics characters!
 A playset!
 A couple items shown earlier in this post belong to the playset!

An unopened Sleepy Hollow!

I am on a fixed income and was able to get so much due to a mixture of Thanksgiving and Christmas money and going to Goodwill. I highly recommend it! Everything in this post that I got (that was from Goodwill) I got for a total of like $20 or 25 tops, a great place to go for the collector on a budget like me! I've seen much better stuff since the holidays began but still some times there is nothing good, you just need to keep looking ­čś║


  1. thats the one food fighter I still need! great finds :)

    1. Thanks, I love Goodwill. Heck yesterday, with the last of my Christmas spending money, I found some more good stuff including a vintage target master gun!

  2. That's a great haul!That playset!!!

    1. Yeah I was shocked! Oh one thing I didn't know is that the three things that look like they are in Glow in the dark plastic are. Its pretty cool seeing an archway, medallion, and a lizard glowing at night!