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Alexis Lasek (Page Owner)
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Friday, December 2, 2016


Due to a situation in my life (I would rather not talk about it) I am not doing 24 days of Christmas anymore. Expect 24 days of Lego, which will be at noon everyday and my midnight posts will be on Mon, Wed, and Fri! Occasionally I will do an extra day but for now I am very sad and upset and need sometime to think and this schedule gives me some time to deal with it! Now onto the scheduled post!

If you saw my collection walk-through, these will look familiar, but I felt that I had to do a post on my Pound Puppies and friends.
We'll start by saying that Pound Puppies and Pound Purries will always be cemented into my head as a holiday item. I will get into why in a little bit.
First up is Cooler here. He is either a PVC like figure or an eraser. It is hard to tell by the texture. What makes it even harder is I can't get a straight answer online as some call it eraser, others pvc. HE is supposed to look like his cartoon counterpart but does not. The only way he looks like him is via his jacket lol.
This cute puppy is a 90s pound puppy miniature figure. HE is so cute!
This plush Pound Puppy is from Hardees I believe.
I know this one was as I had him as a kid.
This one is a few centimeters larger and is from stores I have discovered.
Lastly are my only purries. I assumed that they were from Hardees to, but nope. They are the newborns and were in stores. I believe that they were sold with their mother, but might have been in packs of newborns as well, I am not sure to be quite honest. Pound Purries are my favorites of these lines.

So why do I have them forever cemented in my brain as a holiday item? I was not allowed to have "girl" items as a kid and the pound lines were in that category, there were exceptions like Rainbow Brite pvcs, Smurfs pvcs, a few She-ra's that I fought to have, and the Pound Puppiesfrom Hardees. So the only ones that I had were the ones from Hardees and those came out during the holidays. It was not until much later that I realized that they were in stores year round as well.

So before we go, how about if we watch the ad?
And this one to....

Today is a sad day for me as it is my mom's birthday and she passed in 95. :( Though many good things have happened on this day like getting housing when I was homeless! I like to think that she especially looks out for me on this day! :)
This was supposed to be published on December 4 until I rearranged posts to make it 3 posts per week, so Sunday is the sad day.
That's it for tonight....


  1. I have the guy with the hat and curly hair that talked with a horn from the show. Ill send him your way.

    1. That would be great, also any packages sent will have to be the small ones that fit in a mailbox for now as I do not have access to the other address anymore.
      I love these lines and thanks to Goodwill, my Pound Puppies have grown as everyone of these (except for the one that you sent me and the 2 Pound Purries that a neighbor gave me years ago) were purchased at Goodwill!

    2. ah ok Ill have to replan the next one then but no big problem.