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Monday, January 30, 2017


Second post today. My first post today was this week's Round Robin Challenge and can be found right  over there as my featured post --->

Might as well say in case you haven't notice that my response to the weekly Round Robin Challenge is always located over there in case you ever are trying to find it. :) --->

Its been awhile since I have done a multiple subject post and thought oh what the heck why not?
First of all the weather here has been so weird that I have been sick off and on since November! Thats why so many posts have been "lazy" (IMO) lately. That and my depression after my only friend ended our friendship suddenly in early December (And I had been dealing with depression issues before that).
 (Image from Google search)

 This next subject is well random, but I was reading some Garfield comics and so it is on my mind! I love Garfield so much! Not only is it still funny (both in the strip and the now published comics written by other people than Davis) but we are the same age. Hr started on June 19, 1978. I was born on July 21, 1978.
 What makes me love him more is something I did not know until after I moved to Muncie! Notice that phone number? 765 is the area code. Garfield is based in Muncie and not just in the comic books, the cartoons, and even strips have referenced this. Davis even went to college at Ball state here in Muncie!
Oh this panel made me giggle because the show they were performing on was filmed in Indianapolis (according to the comic) which is less than an hour away so its not really that far which is the joke and I bet many didn't get it reading the comic as how would you know Muncie is even in Indiana unless you lived here or researched it?
 I have been meaning to do a review on these and decided well, lets do a quick one. I have 3 of the Hardees Shirt Tales plush from the 80s. Ironically these are the three I had as a kid (plus I had Bogey but not Digger) Due to the sentimental feelings I love these and are glad I found them a few months back at Goodwill. However, if I didn't have the sentimental feelings I would not be a fan.
 Don't get me wrong, they look great for plush from the 80s and for being a fast food premium item but my main gripe is that they can't stay  up. No matter how much I try they always fall, so they need to be propped up and this makes it VERY HARD to display them and show how proud I am to have them and show them off. I might have to hang them on the wall someday in a plastic thing, we shall see. Here is a group shot of all 3 that I own.
Last up, but definitely not least is something I have been meaning to promote. So Tony over at 2 Minute Toybreak and I believe other bloogers created a forum awhile back ago called....
I highly recommend this forum. There are very few of us active on it but I still think its one of the better forums as I guess it just feels so personal with so few of this. You should check it out if you have not. It can be found HERE!

Before I go, I just love this Fozzie puppet, Ironically ots as old as me and from 1978!


 It is once again time for a ROUND ROBIN CHALLENGE! This week's challenge comes from Tony over at 2 Minute Toy Break!

 This week's challenge is "Kids @ Play!" This is what it is about

"With all of us being action figure collectors as kids,I'm wondering what everyone's approach to actually playing with them was.Did you prefer playing alone,or with a friend?Please explain why for both answers.How did you play with them?While you're at It,throw In the kind of relationship you have with your toys.Were you the care free ,I don't care what happens to or who plays with my toys type of kid or were you overprotective of them?Set the scene."

Before I start, I have to say that although I never really thought about this, this is a great question and I am interested in seeing other people's answers to this week's question!

Well, honestly I played with them the same way as a kid as I occasionally do now. I preferred to play alone as a kid. However it did not start out that way. I was that kid, the kid who had little to no friends (sadly same as an adult) and therefore I had to play alone. I mean kind of hard to play with non existent friends lol. Eventually I just liked to play alone and hated people interfering with my story telling process. The way I used to play was simple it was a television network and these were television shows (something I still do in the very rare instances that I decided to play with them,) Most of the toys were who they were supposed to be like He-Man, etc an there were very few crossovers and when they were they had to be in scale so no MOTU/ GIJOE team-ups! I had one of the miniature Thundercats figures, a lizard and it fought the Joes I believe and eventually the Dino-Riders and M.A.S.K. as it being a creature, scale was not as big an issue. But yeah I had OCD even then hence the scale issue lol. I was also very protective of my toys and was sad whenever a Joe "died" due to the o-ring breaking. We glued them sometimes as we had no clue how to repair them and the net did not exist yet.

 So that is how I  used to play with my toys....

Here is what others have to say about this topic:

Because these are all stories about how we played with toys, this week I will just say the page and link it rather than say anything about it as to not spoil it.

Friday, January 27, 2017


 These posts seem very unpopular to be honest, so I almost did not do this post at all, but ultimately decided to anyway as I had promissed to and had already done the photo shoots. As I saild in the other posts, this set came out last year and I found this at Dollar Tree around Christmas!
 The set, like the others has nice images of the colorforms and one of the "playsets".
 It also looks a lot like an envelope!
 The playsets are actually backdrops like the classic Colorforms, however these are unfortunately bent.
 It is also only one, but is double sided. Which sucks if you want to display both sides on a shelf or on a wall (though it being folded does help it standing if on a shelf I suppose).
 Like the others that I reviewed, this set cae with 2 sheets and the Colorforms are much smaller than the classic ones due to this being a smaller set, the medium sets might be closer to the vintage, I do not know though.
 The "Cling-ons" look exactly like the vintage ones and work exactly the same way....
 as you can see here.

Now how about some fun?

 Nova, while on a routine Patrol, was attacked by both Jack O' Lantern and the Vulture.
 Luckily, a certain Friendly Neighborhood hero was around.
 Instinctively, Spidey jumps into action.
 Now together Spidey and Nova try to get the villians to keep following them.
 That way, they can fight them somewhere safe and there are no bystanders!
Overall, I love this set! Out of the ones that I saw, this is the one that I almost bought at TRU for $6! I would have bought the Princess one if I had ever seen it, in fact I never knew the Princess set even existed until I got it at Dollar Tree! I would recommend these if you are a fan of Colorforms and this set in particular if your a fan of the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon show, which I am! That's it for Colorforms for now!

Thursday, January 26, 2017


This post was originally going to be split into 2 parts (the rest of Late December/ First toy haul and the haul from January 13!) but due to me being sick and other things this is so late that I decided to just post it together, especially since the first is just around the corner! 

 I found some great things (in my opinion) at Goodwill, so lets take a look shall we?
I found not 1 but 2 Lucy's from the 80s happy meal where the Peanuts characters worked on a farm. 😺 Also I already had her wheelbarrow and apples so with her, I now have 2 complete characters (her and Snoopy). I also found Garfield which goes onto the red scooter seen here (which I got earlier in December!) From the Smurfs, I found both Hefty and Papa (which are now with my Hackus, Handy, and Greedy that I got earlier). I found the Bobby figure on a tube, a Minion (vampire), a Littlest Pet Shop hedgehog, and Kermit from "Muppet Treasure Island" (now I just need Fozzie!) Mulgarath looks good with the Goblin I got in October I believe! Ironically I have the only 2 that I truly like from the promotion!
I also found 2 Avatars from McDonalds, Beastman from the 200X He-Man series (from McDonalds and have been looking for him!), A Hardees Fries, Wilma from the Flintstones (now just need 2 more!), Doc Brown from Back To the Future (1 to go), a Monster High clip from McDonalds, Charlie from "All Dogs Go To Heaven", and a Pokemon!
2 Paw Patrols, Captain Big Bird, Elmo, and Zoe!
A lot of odds and ins are here. A Shopkin, Ice Cream stand, Scorpion Hot Wheel (Scorp), A awesome Care Bears ornament now in my Care Bears display, a Mummy figure, Stinky Diver from Action League Now, and a Valentine Bear deco.

 Neat fact: Action League Now included many parodies of action figures like He-Man! Stinky Diver was based off of Shipwreck from G.I.JOE and one of the only ones I wanted!
Some cool items here! A frog, a big Shopkin from Moose Toys, a Little People girl, and another vintage Playmobile girl from pre mid 80s!
Now its time for Disney! A Rescue Rangers book and the only book I got recently.
A few guys from Disney. No clue on the first but the rest are Charming and Eric! I was ecstatic to find Prince Eric to go in my Little MErmaid area. I find Flounder and Ariel all the time but the rest? not so much.
A couple of CARS!
Lots of Disney goodness!
Tigger, MAx from Goof Troop, a Dwarf, Ariel, a couple Minnies, Zurg from Toy Story, a Leopard from Tarzan, Perry the Platypus, and Goofy!
Snow White, a dinosaur from the "Good Dinosaur", a Shleich Squirrel, and a girl puppy from Puppy Surprise!
These are mini figures and are a fireman (maybe from Micro Machines?), and a plane from Cars or planes.
A M & M and a Hippo.
Go Go Power Rangers! The blue and Red rangers are from Power Rangers Samurai (or Super Samurai) and from McDonalds. Th Gold Ranger in the front (Antonio) is also from Samurai but is from Bandai. Also from Bandai is the vintage Pink In Space ranger from the 90s!
Speaking of in space, these 2 turtles are from McDonalds. I just need the Space Leo now!
Babs is from the second McDonalds Tiny Toons promotion. Hampton completes my collection of series one. I bought the Motty figure because I needed a second one.
As you can see its a flip car and now I can display both sides, now just need duplicates of the other three!
Karopi from Hello Kitty (I had the watch before once, this one does not work anymore) and a Surfer Hello Kitty!
I found a couple GIJOE sized generic bikers for my display.
When I found this third one, I originally chose not to get him, then picked him up the next time. I was afraid that I had him already and even thought so when I saw the ones I had but after looking better you can tell they are different figures or at least painted differently!
I also found this tank (Movie Baroness inside just to show scale as I did not get her at Goodwill but many years ago at Ross I believe - or Wondercon). I later discovered that it is indeed from GIJOE and missing its canopy and is a Cobra vehicle. I am using it for GIJOE!
Couple diorama pieces here. Syrup and a wall.
Animals! Komodo Dragon (Shleich), Glow in the Dark Frog, sea turtle, crocodilian, sea horse, Dinosaur from McDonald's ICE AGE promo, lion cub, penguin or Auk.
Imaginext style Dinosaur and Jurassic World brawler dinosaur (my fifth in the series now)
A diver mini figure, Spectre from DC comics, a Littlest Pet shop Monkey, Batman, Ninja, a car, Venom figurine, Jake from Jake and the Neverland Pirates, and a Backstreet Boy from Burger King!

The Ninja and Venom might look familiar as I used them in random pics recently!
2 McDonads Hot Wheels cars, a Joker car, and a bat flight pack for Batman. Speaking of which....
Imaginext Knight, Batman, Two Face, and another Imaginext figure! I also found a Flash Hot Wheels car from McDonalds to go with the Superman I found previously!
More DC Goodies here! Batmobile, Robin, Light up Blck Manta, Batgirl and Supergirl from Super Hero Girls, Superman from JL Action, and Batman figurine! Most of these are from McDonalds. Speaking of McDonalds....
Ty Ronald McDonald from McDonalds! I had the Grimace one for awhile. I also found the Sheriff of Nottingham from Kenner's toy line based on the Kevin Costner film "Robin Hood Prince of Thieves"
Something with Mikey, a Transformers mini figure, and a War Machine Transformer. Speaking of....
Iron Man, Silver Surfer (minus surfboard from McDonalds) and War Machine.
Bart Sompson from Neca, Mario from Jakks, Glo Friend (Yay), Power Ranger vintage bike, and a Transformer mini con. This guy is a repaint from an earlier figure. He was released in the Cybertron line!
Force Time! a couple restaurant premium ships, a Tie Fighter, and a clone trooper!
Last up are these gems. They are from Hot Wheels and are classic Tie Fighter and "Force Awakens" X-wing!

 So that is the last of my toy haul. Next week is the first and I go to Goodwill as the first is the day I get paid, so expect more toy hauls soon!