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Alexis Lasek (Page Owner)
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Monday, January 30, 2017


Second post today. My first post today was this week's Round Robin Challenge and can be found right  over there as my featured post --->

Might as well say in case you haven't notice that my response to the weekly Round Robin Challenge is always located over there in case you ever are trying to find it. :) --->

Its been awhile since I have done a multiple subject post and thought oh what the heck why not?
First of all the weather here has been so weird that I have been sick off and on since November! Thats why so many posts have been "lazy" (IMO) lately. That and my depression after my only friend ended our friendship suddenly in early December (And I had been dealing with depression issues before that).
 (Image from Google search)

 This next subject is well random, but I was reading some Garfield comics and so it is on my mind! I love Garfield so much! Not only is it still funny (both in the strip and the now published comics written by other people than Davis) but we are the same age. Hr started on June 19, 1978. I was born on July 21, 1978.
 What makes me love him more is something I did not know until after I moved to Muncie! Notice that phone number? 765 is the area code. Garfield is based in Muncie and not just in the comic books, the cartoons, and even strips have referenced this. Davis even went to college at Ball state here in Muncie!
Oh this panel made me giggle because the show they were performing on was filmed in Indianapolis (according to the comic) which is less than an hour away so its not really that far which is the joke and I bet many didn't get it reading the comic as how would you know Muncie is even in Indiana unless you lived here or researched it?
 I have been meaning to do a review on these and decided well, lets do a quick one. I have 3 of the Hardees Shirt Tales plush from the 80s. Ironically these are the three I had as a kid (plus I had Bogey but not Digger) Due to the sentimental feelings I love these and are glad I found them a few months back at Goodwill. However, if I didn't have the sentimental feelings I would not be a fan.
 Don't get me wrong, they look great for plush from the 80s and for being a fast food premium item but my main gripe is that they can't stay  up. No matter how much I try they always fall, so they need to be propped up and this makes it VERY HARD to display them and show how proud I am to have them and show them off. I might have to hang them on the wall someday in a plastic thing, we shall see. Here is a group shot of all 3 that I own.
Last up, but definitely not least is something I have been meaning to promote. So Tony over at 2 Minute Toybreak and I believe other bloogers created a forum awhile back ago called....
I highly recommend this forum. There are very few of us active on it but I still think its one of the better forums as I guess it just feels so personal with so few of this. You should check it out if you have not. It can be found HERE!

Before I go, I just love this Fozzie puppet, Ironically ots as old as me and from 1978!


  1. Dang,I've gotta get back to TD to check up on things.Awesome that your promoting It!

    1. No problem, I love the TD forum a lot!