So right before Christmas, I went to Dollar Tree and got the shock of my life! I found 4 of the "new" colorforms sets (I left one behind as I had no interest in "Peppa Pig" and as sad as it is, a dollar is a lot of money for me.) I say "new" as they came out last year (man that feels weird saying last year in regards to 2016 lol) and might have been cancelled already due to where I found them. I picked up these three and got them for less than one sold at Toys R Us. The bad side of this means that they are probably not selling well to have made it into dollar stores. 😾
 These are the "mini sets" that retailed for 5 or 6 dollars. I had never seen the Princess one before though.
 I have decided to break these up into 3 parts and this one will be the Princess set.
 They are packaged in an envelope like package that is resealable.
 On gthe back. you see one scene and a page of the clings.
 When opened, you find 2 sheets of clings (I took off Ariel and Eric already.)
 The backgrounds is actually just one background that is double sided. It is about 7 inches tall and 10 inches long (this is a guess as I don't know where my measuring tape is). So they are small and the Colorforms themselves are much smaller than the vintage ones that I own.
 the backgrounds are of just as good quality as the vintage, if not better.
 The clings are great as well
 and both look and feel (and even stick) just like the originals did. I highly recommend these if you like Disney Princesses, or just Colorforms in general. I have only found the new sets at 3 stores though! I have seen the basic sets at TRU, Walgreens, and for much cheaper at Dollar Tree. I have seen the Medium and Large sets only at TRU!
 Next Week, I will review the Nick Turtles set! Also if you want me to return to doing the stories with these like I did in past reviews, let me know and I will return to them.

 Friday will be my next update and will be Part one of my late December/January Toy Haul!


  1. huh I had no clue they sill made these!

    1. They just came back sometime in early or mid 2016.

    2. That was my first thought as well. Too cool.

    3. When I first saw them on a youtube video i was shocked they were back to.

  2. Pure awesome! You know what else I love that falls in line with these? Presto Magix Rub Downs, and Ideal Rub Downs. Those were so much fun as a kid. Too bad they were a one and done product - I.E. use them once, and can't again.

    1. Loved Presto Magix. What a neat idea that was. Just another way to get my Star Wars fix as a kid.

    2. I loved Presto Magix! I had a Return of the Jedi one! The only problem was as already said, they were one time only and that's why I don't search for those (I say that as I do search for vintage colorforms), i'd be to tempted to use it lol!

    3. I'd have to buy a few sets of Presto Magix if I got them today. One to never use, and forty to use here and there.


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