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Alexis Lasek (Page Owner)
Alexis is a 39 year old toy collector and reviewer!

Friday, January 27, 2017


 These posts seem very unpopular to be honest, so I almost did not do this post at all, but ultimately decided to anyway as I had promissed to and had already done the photo shoots. As I saild in the other posts, this set came out last year and I found this at Dollar Tree around Christmas!
 The set, like the others has nice images of the colorforms and one of the "playsets".
 It also looks a lot like an envelope!
 The playsets are actually backdrops like the classic Colorforms, however these are unfortunately bent.
 It is also only one, but is double sided. Which sucks if you want to display both sides on a shelf or on a wall (though it being folded does help it standing if on a shelf I suppose).
 Like the others that I reviewed, this set cae with 2 sheets and the Colorforms are much smaller than the classic ones due to this being a smaller set, the medium sets might be closer to the vintage, I do not know though.
 The "Cling-ons" look exactly like the vintage ones and work exactly the same way....
 as you can see here.

Now how about some fun?

 Nova, while on a routine Patrol, was attacked by both Jack O' Lantern and the Vulture.
 Luckily, a certain Friendly Neighborhood hero was around.
 Instinctively, Spidey jumps into action.
 Now together Spidey and Nova try to get the villians to keep following them.
 That way, they can fight them somewhere safe and there are no bystanders!
Overall, I love this set! Out of the ones that I saw, this is the one that I almost bought at TRU for $6! I would have bought the Princess one if I had ever seen it, in fact I never knew the Princess set even existed until I got it at Dollar Tree! I would recommend these if you are a fan of Colorforms and this set in particular if your a fan of the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon show, which I am! That's it for Colorforms for now!


  1. I remember before I had action figures,I would cut out characters from comic books and newspapers.It was sort of like colorforms only I would push them along against the floor and use them that way.It wouldn't be until later that I would discover Colorforms and action figures.

    1. LOL. I did that too, even after I discovered action figures and colorforms. If they weren't gonna make my favorites into toys then I would use my imagination! lol.

  2. I bought some of these at the Dollar Tree for my kids to take on our Summer road trip. You can't beat the price!

    1. No you can't and although I was brutal in my reviews, I love them a lot!