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Alexis Lasek (Page Owner)
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Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Before I start, this week it was my job to come up with the Round Robin Challenge topic, it can be found right over there as my featured post this week --->
On the 30th when I got my check for the first, I went to Goodwill (those purchases coming soon), but I also purchased some stuff that was mostly on clearance at Target and Wal-Mart.

First up are the non clearance blind bags that I got from Wal-Mart. These are Series one of the Thrilling 30 Transformers minis from a few years back and I had many of Series 2, so grabbing some more series one's was great! I say some more because as you may recall, I got these on Christmas:
(Generation One Megatron and Transformers Prime Starscream - the guys on the left and right- are from series one!

This time I got:
 "BayFormers" Megatron
 "BayFormers" StarScream
 "Generation One" Starscream
 And Finally a non Megatron/ Starscream figure: Optimus Prime from "Prime"
 I was thrilled with Optimus as I wanted one and G1 Starscream but find it funny that I kept getting Megatron/Starscream everytime lol.
As you can see above all my Series ones were Megatron/Starscream except for the lone Prime lol
Also from Wal-Mart is this Thomas Blind bag train. Although I did not have this classic version of Flynn (is that who he is?) I had a metallic version with the same color scheme so it feels like a waste to me.
I found a new series of Imaginext figures and tried the feel trick as I did not have the cheat codes on me.
 Luckily I found the one that I wanted. He even glows in the dark!
 Look at that ponytail!

Next up are the Target purchases I made:
 I grabbed this Mikey Rip-Spin warrior on Clearance!
 I got the girl from Frosty,
 The "evil" magician,
 and Frosty himself all
 on clearance.

While I was sorting stuff out for these articles, I noticed something:

All of this cost me a whopping $15 and that includes some clearance stuff....
This is $15 at Goodwill....
So to those who wonder why I go to Goodwill so much...
Any Questions?


  1. My Goodwill has alot of the bigger sets but hardly any action figures.Love the Frosty set!

    1. Yeah I know that I am lucky that my Goodwill gets action figures, ironically the playsets aren't usually good though or are there when i'm broke lol

      Yeah I love that set to, I am missing one but no clue who it is the bag just says collect all 4! I chose to not pick up the year w/o a Santa Claus ones though and regret that.

  2. Im waiting for that new Imaginext wave to hit my Walmart. Thats the one I want also lol

    1. I almost missed mine, they were in the back of the store in an area they made for Christmas that I never noticed until New Years lol. Its gone now but they never made it to the toy area.

  3. I grabbed some of those Frosty characters from Target on clearance also. They will make good stocking stuffers for next year.