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Alexis Lasek (Page Owner)
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Thursday, January 19, 2017


Just a reminder, I was the hostess of this week's Round Robin and it ca be found right over there ---> 
I tried to do a action shot here, not sure that I like it though.
 With that out of the way, its a week late (due to being sick last week) but here is part 2 of my modern Colorforms review. Just in case you missed part one, which can be found here, I was lucky enough to find some of the Colorforms sets at Dollar Tree that came out last year. So far I have reviewed Disney Proncesses and today I will be going to NY to meet up with turtles!
 Just like the old sets, they show off the colorforms. These are the smallest sets available and come in envelope like packaging....
 As you can see here.
 Here is another view of the packaging.
 The set comes with 2 sheets of Colorforms and two "play areas".
 Just like the old ones, these stick to the play areas. As you can see they look exactly the same on the back.
 The play areas are actually just one that is double sided. This is a bummer if you wanted to hang it up on your wall and display both sides. Another small nitpick is that they are folded in those envelopes so there is a crease and won't stay flat.
Over the years in various areas of social media and forums I have been very critical of the Nick designs and vocal on how much I hate them. I hate to say this, but they are starting to warm me over. Also I finally broke down and began watching the show again and again I hate to admit it but I actually liked the space arc. I am still not a fan of the turtles designs BUT I no longer hate them.
 I would recommend this set to anyone who likes colorforms or that likes the Nick turtles.
 This February I will be reviewing misc episodes from one of my favorite toons ever, Glo friends (as well as Moondreamers, Potato Head Kids, and My Little Pony!)
That's it for tonight. Next week I will review the final set of the ones that I got so I ill leave the sewers and go to Queens to meet THE ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN!

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