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Alexis Lasek (Page Owner)
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Tuesday, February 28, 2017


Decided to return a day early to do this week's....

This week I will be doing not one, but two Round Robin's. Last week's (which had a 2 week limit) and this week's! Last week's (which involves shopping) will be posted this weekend hopefully and this post is this week's topic. It comes from the Toy Box.  What is this week's challenge?

"Grab your action figures and your camera, and create your own ultimate crossover. Tell your story through the lens in five to ten shots. Your imagination is the only limit."

So what did I choose? Since I have OCD, I need them to be accurate scale so I chose 3 3/4 figures and decided on GIJOE and Thundercats! Since the only 3 3/4 tcats I own are Bandai's 2011 line, I am using them....

The Core Team:
(Lion-O - the leader, Cheetara -his second, Lady Jaye the brave, the Ninja Scarlet, and the "green" shirts - nameless soldiers that are expendable {think red shirt in Star Trek} )

The forces of Mumm-Bra:
(Mumm-ra and his second in command Slithe with their troops: Mumm-Bra trooper, Bionicle B.A.T., enslaved Skrull, and Lizard trooper, with hired assassin Baroness!)
The Battle:

Who will win? Who knows? That is the end for now....😈

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  • Mr. Smith introduces us to the dynamic duo of Bat Prime or something like that....😺

Friday, February 24, 2017


I'm still alive! I just wanted to let you know that there was some drama recently that drained me so I am behind schedule. I have thus decided to return on March 1! That will be a small toy haul I did on Valentines day at Goodwill, then Round Robin, and MArch's toy haul should round off next week, then  lots more goodness to come including spotlights on some things from my collection (including memories). Stay tuned........

Wednesday, February 15, 2017


I was thinking about this week's challenge from Mr. Smith! It is called "Behind the Music" and he wanted us to: "Pick a song that you like, love, or one that just plain bugs you, and give it a bizarre backstory- Mine will be up in a couple of days."

 My problem is I'm not a music fan. However a very sad tale from my life came to mind and how ONE song to this day makes me happy. I decided to share the story and the song.

 The year is 1995 and it is a few weeks after my birthday. It was a nice warm day in August in Georgia. The day before my sister went to the hospital without me to visit our mom. I had finally gained the courage to go and because I could not get up when she wanted she left me behind. She felt their was already tomorrow. Well guess what? There wasn't! My mom had been in the hospital since before my birthday as she went in once it was determined that she did not have asthma as she was told for years, but a scarred heart from the radiation therapy that she had received in her 20's (she was now 49) and needed bypass surgery. She died on the table but was brought back with a balloon pump. However it cut off circulation to her right leg and had to be amputated. She was getting better in fact that day she was joking and in a good mood. During this time her mother refused to come to Georgia from NY and did finally come once my mom went into a coma. This is important for 2 reasons. 1) my grandfather had gone into a coma just months before (in Georgia) at 12:30 AM Christmas Day and we pulled the plug 2 days later on the 27'th (my sister's birthday). 2) she brought her son, my mom's brother with her (you'll see the importance soon enough).

 So I obviously go to the hospital and there is my mom sleeping and i;m crying. I am told to not tell my nephews what happened next. We pulled life support. I watched her take her last breathe. My oldest nephew asked if she was dead and I was yelled at and i'm like I didn't tell them. They were like how did they know and I am like Zack is not stupid and he was like 6 or so I believe and saw us sad, does not take a rocket scientist to figure this out. So my grandma gets there to late and we go home. I am understandably upset and once everyone goes upstairs from the garage I ask my uncle how will Gretchin (his youngest and the cousin I was closest to) would take it. He then proceeds to say "A hell of a lot better than you are. Grow up!" or something like that. I run upstairs crying and (I had anger issues then) threw stuff off a table and ran to my dad's room and jumped on his bed crying. My grandma sent him to my room telling him to beat my butt. He goes in ready to and I tell him what had happened. You should have seen his eyes. They were red as fire. I heard him yell at Richard and telling him that he had no place to do what he did. Richard said something like boys (remember I am TG) should be tough and dad told him to cut it out. I turned on the TV to calm down and a music video came on. It was from my favorite artist at the time and I had never seen it before as it was new....
To this day I still get happy hearing it. To me it is my mom saying that she will always be there to watch over me no matter what as distance can't keep her love away from me.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2017


The picture says it all.

Next up I wanted to say I am taking this week off (although I might decide to do this week's Round Robin later in the week as I haven't missed any yet).

When I return, things are going back to basics. I haven't been happy with my blog as of late to be honest as I feel it has deviated from what I wanted it to be. This blog was meant to spotlight my toy hauls and to do articles based on memories. As of late I just do images or show only toy hauls. That is partly due to being sick but I definitely have left the original purpose. So, things are being reworked. I will continue features like "It came from....", I will continue to participate in "Round Robin", I will even do reviews from time to time (in many cases they will actually work with the message of this blog). Random images will be gone. There will still be fun images but they will be like I did in the begining and have memories. For those who like features such as Memory Lane, most of them will be in my pages area over on the right side ---->
However some will meake it here when needed. I will also do vlogs for my YT and post them in pages area as well. I will also continue to do occasional toy news as well. Basically I am going to focus on actual articles and features and stick to cartoons and toys. I hope you all enjoy this. I feel that my blog has been off due to me trying to find my voice and the holidays like Christmas and Halloween which took up many posts but now I think I will try this and hopefully not only will you all like it but so will I.

Saturday, February 11, 2017


 "In darkest night, Brightest day, Coldest snow, let evil fear my.. ah who cares, its freezing!"
 Link and Mario meet in the lost level of Super Mario Bros, Frozen Worlds!

 Leo: Mikey, I told you it wasn't July!
 Stratos surrendered and without his jetpack, what can our hero do now? Snowball fight?
 Jason: Kim, how ya been?
Pink: um i'm not Kim or Kat..
Can He-Man defeat Icer?
 "In search of Mr. Freeze!"
 "In Search of Mr. Freeze!"
 "In Search of Mr. Freeze!"
 "In Search of.... Are you freaking kidding me?"

Friday, February 10, 2017




BEFORE I start I added more content to my pages area on the right side of my blog, I added a new photo today to my "DOWN MEMORY LANE AREA" plus added a video area that I will put vids in. The first one is a vlog featuring the snow that we got here on the 8'th as well as a squirrel that got in my window! 🙀
This is kind of late, but not as late as last month thankfully! This month I got quite a few good things. I originally planned to do this in 2 parts but am just throwing it all together into one. Some of the figures will be getting a spotlight in future articles. Also, I had to move my bed room into the collection room, so that is why I now am shooting the toys on a bookcase in front of dvd's currently, its just easier as I do not have a spot picked out for photo shoots yet.

Let's start with Wal-Mart:
 I have been going back and forth on getting the li' live pets figures for awhile and once I saw Chillow the frog for just $4, I decided to get my first! She's now in my frog display.
 If you have been following my blog since the beginning, you probably know that I love erasers for some reason. I was thrilled to find this first order Stormtrooper one to go with my other Star Wars erasers!
 I also found some clearanced blind bags for like 50 cents (got a Batman v Superman one and a TMNT one)! I got a Batman V. Superman in hopes of getting WW, but just got Bats.
 I also got Splinter in the Nick Turtles one. I was hoping for Mikey 😾
 I also got these Snake-Eyes er I mean Movie Foot Soldiers from the TMNT Megabloks line ($1 each, look great with the two I got for $3 each last summer - Casey and Mikey!)
 Decided to get a Yowie candy in hopes of a series 2 animal but as typical fashion I got a Yowie instead.
Last up is this 2-pack from Transformers Rescue bots! Everything but the Yowie were on clearance!

Now off to Goodwill:
As usual most of the stuff were able to be put in a bag for $2,99 but a few things were 99 cents each or in the case of the Star Wars ship, $1.99!
I found a Tankor (missing Right Arm), a McDonalds "Animated" Bumblebee, and a McDonalds Beetle from Beast Wars.
 Looks like Waspinator now has an army! (Disclaimer I did not get one beetle and Waspinator this month, though I did get both beetles at Goodwill just different months. Waspinator was bought years ago at Wal-Mart I believe.)
 I now have 4 of the 8 McDonalds "Spider-Man: TAS" figures. Ironically 2 are the cars and 2 are the figures lol. I also found a movie Cap (not sure if he will replace the version I have or not yet), and a Goblin Glider!
 3 3/4 party! A non poseable soldier, a biker, 2 guys, and an actual Corps figure from early 2000's. Might have to do a biker shelf soon lol
 McDonald's "Unmasked" MAx Steel (Identicalto the masked version, which I also have), a BK GArfield (you know how much I love him!), a W.I.T.C.H. figure, and a stagecoach being driven by a girl from the Will Smith movie "Wild, Wild West" I believe.
 A girl figurine, a penguin, Hello Kitty, Frieza figure from 90s (missing feet and tail unfortunately), another girl, Sonoc Restaurant toy, and Chuckie in Reptar car!
 Lion from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and yet another Chase from Paw Patrol (in his blue uniform)
 Animals galore! These will be used in my Nature section of my G.  I. Joe display! (minus the sea horse, skunk/cat, butterfly, and frog as they will be in other displays!)
 Accessories! 2 motorcycles, a stop sign, and a skull!
 More figures for my Imaginext shelf!
 Ok, I had the Raph from this series, but since this was bagged it included the "bottom" part to make it a spinning top! I now have it under my Mikey until I can find Mikey's!
 I also found a Nick Turtles Metal head!
 I got this manatee for 50 cents. (I love manatees)
 I gasped when I found this Star Wars vehicle for $1.99!
 Here it is with a toy inside to show scale.
 Disney part 1: Mickey car here makes it so I think I have all of the McDonalds cars from this 80s promotion minus Minnie! Plus Mickey and Minnie look good with the Goofy I had from this line, plus a wood Pluto!
 Disney part 2: Zazu (need just 3 more to complete this McDonalds wave), a Timon, a Bambi, a Buzz, Aurora, Beast, and a Hish School Musical keychain that still plays (I Should have grabbed the Camp Rock one to).
 DC Classics Green Lantern, and a trio from McDonalds originally! Animated Green Lantern, Hawkman, and Grundy!

I was excited about the Classics GL, sadly I could not afford the 6 inch Joker from Kenner!
 4 Bats! Batman Beyond Terry from his toy line in the 90s, Keaton Batman from the recent 3 3/4 Multiverse line, Azrael Bats from the recent 3 3/4 Batman Unlimted line, and a Dark Knight Batman that probably came with a motorcycle at one time! The 2 3 3/4 I almost bought in stores so was thrilled with them. Terry I am a huge fan of and wanted some version in that skill so my jaw hit the ground. The Dark Knight Bats, I like but got mostly just because he could be put in the $2.99 bag and needed to fill it for my money's worth!
 MOTU Stratos .I got him in a bag with other toys for $2.99!
 So with him, I now have 4 MAsters in my vintage line! I still need to find either a He-Man or She-ra! lol.
 This thrilled me as I am a fan of the cousins and now I have 3 of them and 2 of which are from the 2000's line.
Last up are epic. Lugad is from the McDonalds Mystic Knights promotion. When I was younger I had the bigger figure that was sold in stores so glad to have a version of him again (and looks good with Rowan), I also found this odd Red Ranger but love it. Lastly  is Jason, the original Red Ranger, but this is him as the Gold Ranger from Zeo. I will be doing a review of him soon (photos already are shot!)

Well thats it for this month's toy haul. What do you guys think? Did my luck at Goodwill continue this month? To me it did and am glad I Found what I did!