I was thinking about this week's challenge from Mr. Smith! It is called "Behind the Music" and he wanted us to: "Pick a song that you like, love, or one that just plain bugs you, and give it a bizarre backstory- Mine will be up in a couple of days."

 My problem is I'm not a music fan. However a very sad tale from my life came to mind and how ONE song to this day makes me happy. I decided to share the story and the song.

 The year is 1995 and it is a few weeks after my birthday. It was a nice warm day in August in Georgia. The day before my sister went to the hospital without me to visit our mom. I had finally gained the courage to go and because I could not get up when she wanted she left me behind. She felt their was already tomorrow. Well guess what? There wasn't! My mom had been in the hospital since before my birthday as she went in once it was determined that she did not have asthma as she was told for years, but a scarred heart from the radiation therapy that she had received in her 20's (she was now 49) and needed bypass surgery. She died on the table but was brought back with a balloon pump. However it cut off circulation to her right leg and had to be amputated. She was getting better in fact that day she was joking and in a good mood. During this time her mother refused to come to Georgia from NY and did finally come once my mom went into a coma. This is important for 2 reasons. 1) my grandfather had gone into a coma just months before (in Georgia) at 12:30 AM Christmas Day and we pulled the plug 2 days later on the 27'th (my sister's birthday). 2) she brought her son, my mom's brother with her (you'll see the importance soon enough).

 So I obviously go to the hospital and there is my mom sleeping and i;m crying. I am told to not tell my nephews what happened next. We pulled life support. I watched her take her last breathe. My oldest nephew asked if she was dead and I was yelled at and i'm like I didn't tell them. They were like how did they know and I am like Zack is not stupid and he was like 6 or so I believe and saw us sad, does not take a rocket scientist to figure this out. So my grandma gets there to late and we go home. I am understandably upset and once everyone goes upstairs from the garage I ask my uncle how will Gretchin (his youngest and the cousin I was closest to) would take it. He then proceeds to say "A hell of a lot better than you are. Grow up!" or something like that. I run upstairs crying and (I had anger issues then) threw stuff off a table and ran to my dad's room and jumped on his bed crying. My grandma sent him to my room telling him to beat my butt. He goes in ready to and I tell him what had happened. You should have seen his eyes. They were red as fire. I heard him yell at Richard and telling him that he had no place to do what he did. Richard said something like boys (remember I am TG) should be tough and dad told him to cut it out. I turned on the TV to calm down and a music video came on. It was from my favorite artist at the time and I had never seen it before as it was new....
To this day I still get happy hearing it. To me it is my mom saying that she will always be there to watch over me no matter what as distance can't keep her love away from me.

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  1. Sorry for your loss.It's amazing ,the power of music.

    1. Thank You. It really is. I might not listen to music much (but that is changing) but what I do listen to does soothe me lol

  2. I reckon that fits just fine, compadre

    for some reason I heard that in Sam Elliot's voice when I typed it.

    1. Happens to me all the time just not Sam Elliot's voice lol.


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