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Alexis Lasek (Page Owner)
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Tuesday, February 28, 2017


Decided to return a day early to do this week's....

This week I will be doing not one, but two Round Robin's. Last week's (which had a 2 week limit) and this week's! Last week's (which involves shopping) will be posted this weekend hopefully and this post is this week's topic. It comes from the Toy Box.  What is this week's challenge?

"Grab your action figures and your camera, and create your own ultimate crossover. Tell your story through the lens in five to ten shots. Your imagination is the only limit."

So what did I choose? Since I have OCD, I need them to be accurate scale so I chose 3 3/4 figures and decided on GIJOE and Thundercats! Since the only 3 3/4 tcats I own are Bandai's 2011 line, I am using them....

The Core Team:
(Lion-O - the leader, Cheetara -his second, Lady Jaye the brave, the Ninja Scarlet, and the "green" shirts - nameless soldiers that are expendable {think red shirt in Star Trek} )

The forces of Mumm-Bra:
(Mumm-ra and his second in command Slithe with their troops: Mumm-Bra trooper, Bionicle B.A.T., enslaved Skrull, and Lizard trooper, with hired assassin Baroness!)
The Battle:

Who will win? Who knows? That is the end for now....😈

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  • Mr. Smith introduces us to the dynamic duo of Bat Prime or something like that....😺


  1. totally with you on scale. I wanted to stick minions with someone and I have no one they can serve effectively. not even MP Starscream

    1. lol. Maybe a megabloks minion woulda worked?

  2. Can't go wrong with anything Thundercats.