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Alexis Lasek (Page Owner)
Alexis is a 39 year old toy collector and reviewer!

Saturday, March 25, 2017


I have been bad lol. It has actually been awhile sine I have participate in a Round Robin challenge, but here I am doing this week's challenge (although it is late!)
This week's challenge is Curating.
"How do you Curate your collection? I will let you count the ways"
The challenge comes from the creator of Round Robin, Mr. Smith!

I was a little confused on how to do this until I saw Big Tone's (see links below) post. Then it finally clicked.

 I guess to answer this question, we need to first understand that I have mental health issues and one of those is OCD. Due to this, I routinely change my displays (which can be a pain) and therefore the way I display changes often. The last configuration I loved and planned to keep but when I had to move my bedroom to the collection room, that obviously went out the window. On a side note due to me changing displays all the time, I have yet to experience the dreaded dust dilemma lol.

 Currently most of my collections are still waiting o be redisplayed lol. I have most of my mst important displays in my room (minus Vintage Happy Meal, some misc items, MOTU and Star Wars.) My displays, with the exception of misc shelves, are done by themes or collections. Like vintage GiJoe and Corps are together, Corps has its own shelf with my only Kong set (Sam Jackson). GIJOE is in a display, Transformers have  most of a bookcase, etc. Misc shelves can have themes as well like my MY Little Pony n' friends shelf or my vintage Misc shelf. When themes are together, they can be misc as well. Examples include my Autobot shelf with Transformers from all different  shows and lines. My Nick Turtles shelf has McD toys, megabloks, the PlayMates figures, and other misc things.

 In short I would say that I display my collections in various ways that make sense, at least to me. I haven't included images for a few reasons. 1) not finished yet, 2) plan to do some focused posts like I did with My Little Pony N' Friends, and 3) a new collection video is coming.

 Oh one last thing, a few bookshelves are in my room, but not all the rest are in boxes or in the living room. I turned my old bed room into a DC and Star Wars display room and currently it needs a lot of work lol.

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Wednesday, March 22, 2017


So recently, Brother Midnight and I did another trade (the contents of that trade will be in a later post). One of the things that excited me a lot was him sending me Glo Friends and Potato Head Kids. To knw why I was excited, a little back story. In the 80s Hasbro had a cartoon series (30 minute commercials) for a lot f their properties (GIJOE, Transformers, Jem, Inhumanoids, etc) one of these toons was My Little Pony N' Friends. I n it, we returned to Ponyville (as we had gone there before in specials and a movie) but we also were ntroduced to 3 new properties. The show was 30 minutes but consisted of 2 15 minute segments (in some cases like Pony, they were 30 min eps or more but broke up). I remembered Glo Friends and have had a connection with them ever since. I mentioned this in an earlier post! My goal is to have a representation of all 4 segments (Moondreamers is all that is left now), but still need a vintage Pony to have a 80s representation. Up until now, I only had one Glo Friend and one Potato Head kid (Baseball player) but that has changed.
Here is my My Little Pony N' Friends display.
 You can see that I have many Ponies in it (though this isn't even close to all I have lol) but the real gems are the non ponies.
 HEre are my Potato Head Kids (Baseball player did not have feet so I removed a pair from another spud and put the on him. I love how this assortment includes so many spring like figures.
 My all time favorites are the mouse and the witch to be honest, but now that Baseball player has feet he feels great now to.
 They are joined by my only Potato Head.... Bumble Potato lol. I only added him because the Transformers bookcase is right next to them so it flows but also because My Little Pony shows off different generations why not Potato Head Kids?

One thing I should point out is that up until getting these, I had no clue they were ever in stores. I had only known of the Potato Head Kids happy meal figures. What also fascinates me is the fact that they are identical in appearance as the Happy Meal figures which I have never heard of happening before. Usually the Happy Meal offerings were/are not as great as the store figures, especially in the 80s!
 I also got these two guys. Yes I already had the accordian player but I asked Midnight to ship it anyway as I had an idea for the other one (he's in my vintage display.)

About the cartoon itself, here are ALL 3 of the openings:

Potato Head Kids

Glo Friends

And just to be fair, my friends favorite from this series: The Moondreamers!

I should mention that each segment had its own opening as well (overkill anyone? lol). Also I only remember My Little Pony and Glo Friends from the 80s and only discovered the other two recently.

Well thats it for now, but before I go, here is a preview of the new gijoe display I am working on!

Friday, March 10, 2017


Time to open up the vault for yet another toy haul!

 First up is a vhs tape of Filmation Ghostbusters!
 Next up is this cute magnet of Daisy and Minnie!
 One of the Chipettes. Now I just need one more to have them all!
 This was a cake topper but I think I will put it on my door!
 Some accessories
 Arby's Mr Men figure!
 Cardboard fish
 McDonalds (?) Skylanders!
 Wooden Kanga
 more frogs!
 Octopus thing
 Human Torch from McDonalds!
 Bat signal
 of course.....
 Imaginext Batman
Bakugan like Iron Man
 McDonalds Bulkhead
 Energon Skyblast (minus wings)
 Rescue Bots Dinosaur Bumblebee
 Animal Planet helicopter. This was exciting as it came with the ruins playset that I found at Goodwill back in December. It also reminds me of the Cobra Fang vehicle or at least a repaint of it after Tiger Force got a hold of it :D
And Finally MCDonalds Panthor!

Thats it for now.....

Thursday, March 9, 2017


Time for yet another toy haul post!
OK minion lets open up the vault to see what I got....


 Thanks to a friend (who ended up buying the raccoon for me), we were able to find me 3 of the 4 cousins! I found Brave Heart Lion,
 She found Bright Heart Raccoon,
 and we found Lots a Heart Elephant, now I just need to find True Heart Penguin!
 Surprise Surprise. Lol! I have only bought 2 of the series 2 Yowies and yep found another Yowie, at least its different from the other one I found and thankfully is different than my other Boof from series 1 (that I found 2 of last time lol)
 I am so disappointed in MegaBloks/MegaConstrux. They have done so much better on figures and then put this crap out. Anyway I am happy that I found Tommy the Green Ranger and
 Kimberly the Pink Ranger. Once I find Tommy the White Ranger and buy the command center, i'm goinfg to retire from these as I feel they are bad.
 Fangry here starts the non blind bag things that I got! HE is a titan master which means that he is a head with a vehicle or beast mode and only costs $5!
 Wheelie shocked me greatly! He is from series 1 and I had lost hope on ever finding him.
Last up is Out Post 3 from King Kong! I was on the fence but after seeing Tony's review, I had to own it. In fact I will be reviewing it soon as well!

Ironically I had a better haul in this area than Goodwill this month! I'll be posting my Goodwill toy haul tomorrow night! Thats it for now.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017


Time to enter the vault!
Welcome to a new feature where I will review various television series. For the first article, I decided to do "Powerless." This is a comedy that airs on NBC Thursday nights. It is set in a fictional city (I think it is called Charm city) and is in the DC universe, but is not connected to the Arrowverse.
 Vanessa Hudgens plays the new boss of the tech department at Wayne Security.
 She keeps trying to be friends with her staff and they keep on looking at her as just the boss and sometimes don't even respect her. One great example is when they are doing a Fantasy Superhero League and are focused on it rather than work and so she goes to a higher up who then turns off the internet!
 Vanessa is great and believable as a person who feels that she is making a difference in a world of heroes. I had only seen her in the High School Musical trilogy and Disney Channel guest appearances, so it is nice to see her in a much more grown up role and it works.
What is even cooler about this series are the cameoes and easter eggs. They mention the main heroes but we never see them, which is not all that surprising.
 In the pilot we see the Crimson Fox. I had not recognized her at first though because as you can see from the photos above and below, she looks nothing like her comic book counterpart.
 Which is something that I have gotten used to over the years until the Arrowverse spoiled me lol! It is great seeing her though, I mean afterall who would have guessed that we would EVER see her?
 Another character that appeared (but I forgot to get the screenshot sorry) was the dc version of the Jack O' Lantern. This shocked me more due to the fact that I never even knew that DC had a Jack o' Lantern. Looks like bothe DC and MArvel have one, like the Scarecrow.
Recently, we also have been introduced to yet another obscure dc hero, the Olympian!
 But that is just the cameos. The easter eggs are even more fun! Like this newspaper from the pilot.... President Luthor?
 Is that a Metal man from the Metal men or that robot from the classic Superman Fleisher toons?
 Less of an Eater Egg, but here's Wayne Security
 and a employee id.
 Joker Venom antidote (pilot and seen very briefly but no Joker)
 We do see the Joker once though but he is with a bag over his head.
Hey! It is Starro!
 Look what she's reading!
I highly recommend this series to any comic book fan, it is pretty good and is actually funny at times which is rare for comedies (sadly) these days!