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Wednesday, March 22, 2017


So recently, Brother Midnight and I did another trade (the contents of that trade will be in a later post). One of the things that excited me a lot was him sending me Glo Friends and Potato Head Kids. To knw why I was excited, a little back story. In the 80s Hasbro had a cartoon series (30 minute commercials) for a lot f their properties (GIJOE, Transformers, Jem, Inhumanoids, etc) one of these toons was My Little Pony N' Friends. I n it, we returned to Ponyville (as we had gone there before in specials and a movie) but we also were ntroduced to 3 new properties. The show was 30 minutes but consisted of 2 15 minute segments (in some cases like Pony, they were 30 min eps or more but broke up). I remembered Glo Friends and have had a connection with them ever since. I mentioned this in an earlier post! My goal is to have a representation of all 4 segments (Moondreamers is all that is left now), but still need a vintage Pony to have a 80s representation. Up until now, I only had one Glo Friend and one Potato Head kid (Baseball player) but that has changed.
Here is my My Little Pony N' Friends display.
 You can see that I have many Ponies in it (though this isn't even close to all I have lol) but the real gems are the non ponies.
 HEre are my Potato Head Kids (Baseball player did not have feet so I removed a pair from another spud and put the on him. I love how this assortment includes so many spring like figures.
 My all time favorites are the mouse and the witch to be honest, but now that Baseball player has feet he feels great now to.
 They are joined by my only Potato Head.... Bumble Potato lol. I only added him because the Transformers bookcase is right next to them so it flows but also because My Little Pony shows off different generations why not Potato Head Kids?

One thing I should point out is that up until getting these, I had no clue they were ever in stores. I had only known of the Potato Head Kids happy meal figures. What also fascinates me is the fact that they are identical in appearance as the Happy Meal figures which I have never heard of happening before. Usually the Happy Meal offerings were/are not as great as the store figures, especially in the 80s!
 I also got these two guys. Yes I already had the accordian player but I asked Midnight to ship it anyway as I had an idea for the other one (he's in my vintage display.)

About the cartoon itself, here are ALL 3 of the openings:

Potato Head Kids

Glo Friends

And just to be fair, my friends favorite from this series: The Moondreamers!

I should mention that each segment had its own opening as well (overkill anyone? lol). Also I only remember My Little Pony and Glo Friends from the 80s and only discovered the other two recently.

Well thats it for now, but before I go, here is a preview of the new gijoe display I am working on!


  1. It's weird because now I don't know If me seeing Potato Head kids In Happy Meals was just a false memory ,lol.

    1. No they were in Happy Meals. Baseball player is from them, but the ones from Brother Midnight are mostly store ones (if not all of them) and as you can tell they all are the same quality and I'm impressed.

  2. glad you like them! I found a couple more glow friends for next time. I have a few moondreamers somewhere also.

  3. The Potato Head Kids look like chicken McNuggets....making me hungry.

  4. Probably not the best or most appropriate place to put this, but wanted to point you to The Toy Box ( for next week's Round Robin Challenge. It goes live at 8:00 AM EST on March 10, 2017! I hope to see a link from you in the comment section of the challenge with your post!