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Alexis Lasek (Page Owner)
Alexis is a 39 year old toy collector and reviewer!

Friday, April 28, 2017


I can't believe that I forgot that today was MOTU day (Thank You very much The Toy Box for reminding me)! I mean MOTU is not just one of, if not the absolute, favorite toylines from my childhood, but also one of  my biggest displays as it has 3 shelves (vintage, 200X, and Classics/modern)! Since I couldn't feature my vintage figures (SPOILER ALERT: Monday's posst and the first "official" post from "Alexis' Treasures" will be a sort of combination of three features here: Shelf Spotlight, New Arrivals, and Vintage Childhood as it will focus on not only my vintage shelf, but have memories and spotlight the figures I had as a child and I even have some that I just got!), I chose to go with my current Classics display in my living room before I disassemble it and move certain figures into a new display and others into a box.
 First off, here is the display itself!
  On the wall,, I have many print outs that I need fix as many are not looking all that good. As well as a poster from Classics and....
 these guys! My only Funko Dorbz figure and my only two Minis from MOTU!
 Next up is the second level or top level of the shelf. Here we see the POP figures that I have on display: Megator, Shokoti creature (have it here as I recently discovered that they also appeared in an episode of She-ra (Three Courageous Hearts) although they were different and couldn't fly but hop. Filmation was well known for reusing past creature models in future projects! lol), Hordak and bat, Grizzlor, Adora, Mermista, Castaspella, Flutterina, She-Ra, Glimmer, and Snout Spout (off camera).
 Here are some more shots! Including my two favs (that I have) Snout Spout and Tung Lashor (with Rattlor there to)!
 Bottom Levelhas the "MOTU propers"!  Here yu see Eldor, Scott Neitlich, Gwildor, and my Terrax as Eternian Guard figure. To bad the head isn't stable lol!
 He-Man, Battlecat, and Zoar I.
 Batros, Faker, Icer, Shokoti, the Unnamed One, New Adventures (NA) Skeletor, Panthor, Blade, and Demo-Man.
Last up are my Funko Bobble heads of He-Man and Skeletor and Megabloks Kubros Skeletor figure!

Hope that you enjoyed this quickly made post for MOTU day!

Sorry for the image quality, the lighting in my living room stinks.

Oh and beginning May 8, I plan on returning to my regular schedule of posts M-TH And sometimes Friday! Next week I planned to, but I've been busy remaking my collection room (yep I have one again 😺), so there might only be one or two posts next week!

Monday, April 24, 2017


Are you ready?

Starting May 1, this blog will be changing! All new features and some that I ceased to do due to lack of interest! All new blog name! Its's time to FINALLY go back to basics and make the blog that I want!

Get Ready for:

  • Shelf Spotlight: Wondering how my collection now looks? In this feature I will spotlight a shelf or display.
  • Vintage Childhood: I spotlight 5 toys from my childhood that I have gotten back and are now in my collection once more!
  • New Arrivals: Formally Toy Hauls and is now weekly and that means hauls will be split up a bit to last longer. 
  • Book Reviews (mostly vintage kids)
  • The Return of Toy Reviews!
  • The Return of Vault of Memories! 
  • The Return of random images!
  • The Return of Fast Food Premiums! (this one ended way back in late October!)
  • The Return of It Came from..... (magazine ads)
  • and much much more.

Due to this, I will be going on hiatus to get the articles ready. Many of you told me once that I should be writing what I want and you know what? here we come. Welcome to my treasure chest!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Are you ready for another Goodwill haul -Part 2?
This was the highlight of Part one and was a gift for a friend! Here is what I found at Goodwill later!
Another Grouchy Smurf McDonalds figure!
Wow how many variations were made? lol. New colors!
Raggy! This Burger King Scooby actually replaces my store bought one lol.
A very cute pegasus.
Starlight from Rainbow Brite!
Though missing a wing, finding this Funko mystery mini my little pony dragon was awesome!
Another cool Ariel!
Lost boy.
James from Sofia! I needed him for my collection to.
Grandma Hello Kitty.
A Grandpa Hello Kitty,
And a Hello Kitty!
Monkey Ugly Pet Shop
and a rat from it as well.
hmmmm..... what could it be?
BK car.
Ok my greatest find as I regret not buying him years ago. Springer!
Batman: The Animated Series Creeper.
Firefly from The Batman!
McDonald's Wolverine.
Fraggle Rock Video and
finally, a MOTU golden stories video!

That will end the Goodwill Haul this month. Though there is another haul like post coming soon.

Monday, April 17, 2017


Ready for another Goodwill haul?
After an ok month last month, I suddenly  found so much greatness this month!
First off are two more McDonalds Smurfs movie figures (Grouchy and Clumsy). I also found a mini figure of Smurfette (which is ironic as I had none of these until my trade with Brother Midnight and now I find her, a similar thing happened with McDonalds Chageables lol).
Disney Time!
 Jafar with Ilago, Goofy, Belle, Fro-Zone, a Sofia (that I already had but couldnt leave her lol). I also found for 99 cents that Disney Infinity TRU exclusive Crystal Lone Ranger figure that I needed. In fact,the crystal figures are the ONLY ones I was missingin the Infinity 1.0 figures!
A really cool Spider-Man wall ornament and a ring.
It glows in the dark!
As Cassie could tell you, I am a huge BEn 10 fan (or at least was) so adding these two guys to my modest Ben 10 collection was a thrill!
Some misc animals. The monkeys look familiar but no clue where from.
More animals! The lizard is from Littlest Pet Shop and I later discovered that the frog lights up in the "nostrils" and makes realistic noises!
Some cool items including a kids meal rain from Wendy's, a skull eraser,
2 g-i-d bats, a g-i-d styracosaurus, and a sauropod skeleton.
Imaginext bootleg (its small), Birdie the Early bird outfit ty beanie bear, Cat in the hat, and Barney!
Crooked troll, Corps figure (very little articulation), and ninja.
Bionicle and some creature.
Mikey's nunchuks.
McDonald's Lugnutz and a m&m Transformer.
Power Rangers key, Black Ranger, and Megazord.
The key up close.
Yoshi, Minecraft zombie, and boo!
Bumblebee, Batman, Batman, and Katana. With these two, I have completed the McDonalds dolls. There are also Batgirl glasses, a supergirl headband, and WW tiara though.
"Rut roh Reorge!" Denny's Astro, McDonalds Space Jam character, and a kids meal Dino!
These are the highlights of the haul!
Anakin, Luke, Obi-Wan, and a speeder bike.
A frog stuffed figure.
and 2 Care Bears! I didn't keep Grams as my friend really wanted her but I did add USA bear to my collection!

I ended up going back to Goodwill later on in the month and that haul will be coming soon in part 2!