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Alexis Lasek (Page Owner)
Alexis is a 39 year old toy collector and reviewer!

Thursday, April 13, 2017


This week starts regular posts (hey its Thursday!) Expect a new post 4 times a week (M-TH!)
I have wanted to do this post since at least the end of 2016, but never got around to it.
As the title implies, Supergirl is my favorite but favorite what?
Well, she is my favorite superhero these days.
I wish I could say that my love stems from my childhood or something like that, but I can't. Truthfully I have no clue why she is my fav. My guess is that at one time Cassie was talking about Donna Troy and I decided that I needed a favorite female character.
I remembered that I loved her in Superman TAS and guess that is how it happened.
Over the years, I read her comics (those that I was able to get), and fell in love with her even more.
Now days, she is everywhere and my collection has grown (yes I have a Supergirl collection!)
I loved Kara's appearances in Smallville and her own movie (in the 80s) and then she got her own series!
The series is awesome and recommend it. Although it doesn't hurt that it has crossed over with The Flash (my favorite show currently on tv) many times!
Each Supergirl actress not only brought her to life well, but made me believe that she was Supergirl.
So how much do I love Supergirl?
My cat's name is Kara or Kara Zor Kitty!

But this is a toy blog so how about checking out my collection?
First off is my doll. She's from Super Hero Girls and I love it.
As you can see, I haveomages that I have printed up in the display area.
This is a Funk Supergirl and is my favorite item in this display.
Even more images here!
Here are the Supergirls.
All of these but Linda (the one in a white top and blue skirt) are from DC Direct/Collectibles! Before anyone asks, Super Woman (middle) is there due to her connections to the Supergirl comic, and Powergirl (next to her) is there as she is Supergirl from another dimension (or at least was, have no idea if she still is!) The evil looking version is from a Superman/Batman arc and is Corrupted Supergirl!
This is the Funko Supergirl's box!
Misc Supergirls!
Super Hero Girls Supergirl action figure version, McDonald's Super Hero Girls Supergirl, Mini Mates Supergirl, and an Infinite Heroes 3 3/4 Supergirl!
Last up is her student Id (from the doll!)
So there is my Supergirl collection and a little bit about my love for the Girl of Steel (or the Maiden of Might!) Next Monday will be my Goodwill toy haul!



  1. I own the Supergirl movie on DVD, but that's about as far as I got with the character. Let's just say as an introduction to Supergirl, it wasn't a very good one.

    1. lol, no it was not. That movie was B-A-D and not in the good way. I watched it in the 80s and own it today but still can't bring myself to watch it again, even though shes my favorite character lol. The show however is excellent.

  2. I never really liked female superheroes until the X-Men.I had a comic crush on Jean Grey.Damn that Jim Lee for drawing her so perfectly ;)

  3. I have started watching the new Supergirl TV series on Netflix. From what I have seen so far, I am liking it!

    1. I watched about two episodes, but couldn't get into it.

    2. and it keeps getting better Spyda-Man.

      I can understand that Toy Box.

  4. The Supergirl TV series had a just about perfect pilot from my perspective, and Melissa Benoist is amazing

    1. It was and she is. Also I was scared when they introduced Superman in the season premiere but it was not a bad thing. Plus he's returning as is Callista Flockhart!