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Alexis Lasek (Page Owner)
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Friday, July 14, 2017


Are you ready for another edition of Vintage Childhood? This week I decided to focus on one of the most influential toylines of my childhood: G.I.JOE! What makes this even more special is that this is post #200!

Since this post 200, I wanted to also talk about GIJOE itself or at least how important it was to me!
I have very few memories of being really young (especially tv or emotions for tv shows) but both MOTU and GIJOE  are exceptions and are 2 of my favs from that time. I remember being so excited when GIJOE came back (not sure if it was the second or third mini series, would have to watch it because I Do remember a scene with Snake Eyes but not well enough to describe it lol.)
As time went on I got a good bit of the figures (didn't hurt that my dad was in the NAVY so he thought it was great, plus I got to be on a real base a lot!) I didn't have many of the vehicles though as at the time I Was not as big into those as most. To this day I only feel I need a few to have a collection to be proud of and only ONE I did not have as a kid (Hiss).
 During this time, I also got some of the comics (the two shown I had as a kid).
I was not a comic collector at that time so this shows how much I loved them!
 Then came the movie and although this is an unpopular opinion, my favorite version of the series:
The DIC series iss hated by many but it was my favorite, in fact the reason I love Falcon is from the Sunbow movie and the DIC series as they both showed that he was so flawed, he even got addicted to drugs! I like that they decided to make a JOE flawed enough to teach kids lessons w/o it feeling like they were (unlike many eps of MOTU sadly!) 

I unfortunately do not have some of my favorites that I had as a kid in the vintage line (Jinx), or at all (Slaughter, Cobra La, the twins Tomax and Xamot, Law, Shockwave, Ninja Force Scarlet, and of course Falcon!) but the following are the figures from the vintage line that I have gotten back and almost everyone of them were very important to me in some way, so without further ado: 
I have looked at all of these before but mostly just in Toy Hauls and trade posts, I decided to do them again for this feature!

One of only 2 Snake Eyes that I had, this was my favorite though. (the other one I had was the one that came with Timber!) I loved this version more for some reason and I have him again now. :)
This sailor has always had a place in my heart. My dad was a Senior Chief in the Navy so I loved the Navy related characters and Shipwreck here was one of the cool ones. He might not be one of my favorite Joes but other than the Seal Wet Suit, he might be my favorite of the NAVY characters!
BAZOOKA (1985)
I had him and he was ok. To me he felt a little generic, but he was cool in the toon.
SEA SLUG (1987)
This Cobra soldier is probably my least favorite of my vintage Joes lol. I loved the vehicle that he came with as a kid and wish I had that as well.
I found Destro (and Sea Slug) at Goodwill, but the Despoiler (and the rest of my vintage GIJOE figures) came from a trade with Brother Midnight and these are my favorites! I loved this version more than any other (even to this day) and I loved the Iron Grenadiers!

One thing of note is I forgot to add in is Bushido (1993), which I also had as a kid and was from the Ninja Force subline!

That's it for this week's Vintage Childhood but more are coming!


  1. Great post Alexis!I out grew Gi ?joe by the time the 90s cartoon came out.Wasnt there like a long time in between the end of the 80s cartoon and the 90s one?That could have been attributed to my loss of interest.

    1. Yep the last thing from the original G.I.JOE series was the movie which was released by Sunbow in 87, the DIC series (which continued the Sunbow series and not reboot it, which is rare these days) did not premiere until 89 and lasted 2 seasons.

      Glad you liked the post :) I wanted to make post 200 something special. With 100, I chose Colorforms because #1 was Colorforms lol, I plan to continue to make these posts special in some way.

      Yo JOE! :)

    2. I've never seen the DIC series, but it's something I definitely want to do.

    3. The Toy Box: You should, most seem to hate it but I liked it. Season one sadly had mostly all new characters (Baroness, Destro, and Cobra Commander were there and Hawk guested in one ep, but season 2 brought back some familiar faces (but in their new toy costumes like Duke).

    4. I think what I didn't like about the newer series were the excessive comical scenes and cartoony animation .