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Alexis Lasek (Page Owner)
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Friday, July 21, 2017


Here are my presents that I got this year for my birthday!
As you can see, Kara wanted to know as well.
First my gifts from my dad, he sends me money so this is what I bought (fun wise)
I rarely buy the 2.99 self made bags anymore and this is the smallest I have ever made, but I did not want to get stuff that I did not want and really wanted some of this stuff!

  •  Blight! I am a huge fan of Batman Beyond and this Burger King toy is awesome!
  • Anakin! This is my first Star Wars Masher and he was missing the top parts of his legs, so I took them from an Iron Man I had and it looks pretty cool. 
  • Disney! Cinderella cake topper is pretty cool but an Ariel one and a Flounder POP as well? Wow! Flounder I Saw at Goodwill last month but think he was still there because his back fin is broken but who cares? You can't eve tell when he is on a shelf! He's with my Funko stuff (minus reactions) and Ariel and Cinderella are on their shelves (Little Mermaid shelf and my Disney shelf)
  • Misc stuff! I like Littlest Pet Shops so I Was happy to add this one to my McDonald's collection. The Koala is a beanie baby and the Powerpuff girl is a key chain!

Can you say OMG OMG? Sure he only goes for $10 on the Bay but I got him for less than $2! I love this plush puppy from Rainbow Brite and looks good with my very tiny RB Brite collection! I hope to find the PVCs someday as well as more items from this line past and present!
I love the Cousins so whenever I Find any at Goodwill, I grab them. This is now my third in the early 2000 line and fourth Cousins plush (counting the modern BarveHeart Lion that I own.
That was all that I got at Goodwill, but I Was not over yet! I also got a couple items at Five Below. I got this $20 Megabloks set from the new toon for $5! I got it mostly for the Casey but love the vehicle itself and Donnie repaint. In fact, I love it so much that I plan to review it soon.
Although this Thor Dorbz (I love Thor) said he was 5, he rang up 4 :)
Next up is my Wal-Mart purchases: Nano Metals from Jada Toys. Man I love these. I Always wanted the bigger Metals but could never pull the trigger but these 99 cent ones are so affordable that I now own 16 of them (and a $5 TMNT keychain!) I will be reviewing all of them at some time in the near future I think. With the purchase of Newt from Fantastic Beasts and the Dementor from Harry Potter, I now have at least one from the 4 properties currently out (more are coming though). As I am not a huge fan of Potter, these will probably be the only 2 I get from those movies, but that can change (especially since I have yet to see Fantastic Beasts)!
 On addition to those two are Superman, Hulkbuster, and Animated Harley Quinn!
The last Item from my dad was from Toys 'R' Us and is Titans Return Kup. I collect the 86 movie characters so this was needed and I am getting closer to finishing them.

Next up are my presents from Cassie Winters!
 I love Gilmore Girls and really wanted this Rory POP (I mean the actress is an Alexis 😻) Also she is the hardest to find of the three so I am so happy!
I love Precious Moments! I'll explain why at a later date. So when she gave me these 2 dolls I was excited. What makes them even better are they are May and July! Those are our birth months!

 So that is a look at my birthday presents this year and I Am very happy with them :)

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  1. Looks like alot of fun , Alexis!Those nano metals are pretty popular .