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Alexis Lasek (Page Owner)
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Sunday, September 3, 2017


I will review the figures most likely in a future post....

 That is my Force Friday/ the first toy haul minus Goodwill pick-ups (which included a kids meal Millennium Falcon. For the most part I got everything I Wanted. My main goal was Chewie (wanted that porg), Luke, and Flocked Chewie or Porg (got Chewie). Then found the walker lego set I Wanted and been wanting a First Order Stormtrooper and found one for 5 bucks at 5 below. Yoda was a blind boxed candy and as you can see I also grabbed 3-p0. Shockingly I Did not have him in my 3 3/4 collection (need R2 and Leia  from the original trilogy still, old Leia is coming)!

 You will notice that I also picked up both Motu figures from the MegaConstrux "Heroes" line. Only one I Want still is the Xenomorph as Picard without the rest of the crew makes no sense to me and since I won't get Picard, the Borg makes no sense. The Marine from Aliens I just don't like the look of, never did lol.

Well that is it and Star Wars week has come to an end for another year until next year (most likely will be called "Return of Star Wars Week").

Next week we return to our regular content and don't be surprised if their are some Halloween surprises even before my annual "31 Days Of Halloween" begins in October!


  1. Don't just settle on "return of star wars Week" when there are so many other options
    For instance:
    The star wars week strikes back
    The weekly menace
    attack of the week
    revenge of the star wars week
    the star wars week at stars end
    star wars week by star wars week...

    the list goes on.

    1. lol. well SW week strikes back was this years, so I was going to go in release order return, then phantom, etc, but you never know I have a whole year to come up with it lol.

  2. Great haul!Where did you find those Mega Construx MOTU figs?

    1. Wal-Mart. They are part of the "MegaConstrux" HEroes line and are $5 each! They are worth it though. They also have an awesome Xenomorph that I Want and three I don't: Space Marine, Captain Picard, and a Borg!

      Only Wal-Mart has been reported as a sighting place thus far.