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Alexis Lasek (Page Owner)
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Saturday, October 7, 2017

31 Days of Halloween: Adventures in Wonderland Halloween! (minor spoilers)

 Wow! Thats a blast from the past isn't it? Like most kids from the 80's/ 90's I grew up on Disney Channel and this was when it was still a pay channel! This show was right up there with Mousercise, Pooh Corner and Dumbo's Circus and to a lesser degree Kids Inc (as it was only on Disney in the States from what I have heard!

 Due to reasons out of my control I had to switch Fridays (Disney) and Saturdays (Cassie does Hanna Barbera Halloween) this week!
 Basically Wonderland was this series with morals and music and was a lot of fun so when I found it on YouTube I had to review it!
 It starts with Alice coming home and showing her cat Dinah her pumpkin and it cares the cat and soon Alice herself. She then decides to go to Wonderland.
 Once there, she finds out that all of her friends are going to the traditional Halloween night picnic.
At the picnic she becomes uncomfortable when they reveal that they tell scary stories at the campfire. This is when they perform one of this episode's songs "It's fun to be scared!" (not to be confused with the classic Jem song of the same name)
They begin to tell the stories and Alice listens. In the end, she realizes that being scared is not a bad thing. The stories were parodies of the Creature from the black lagoon, Phantom of the Opera, and the Wolfman!
One of the things that I loved is how for the stories they chose to go black and white which not only shows its a story but gives it that creepy old horror movie feeling! Sadly this show has not lasted the test of time :( I was so bored that my mind kept wandering throughout the special. However certain parts were funny and it was sort of enjoyable! Also for the most part the songs were not that bad either.
 I would not recommend this to anyone except kids and people who grew up with this show!

However; If you would like to watch the special for yourself it can be found here (via YouTube!)
That is it for today, catch another Disney Halloween review next Friday AND even more spooktacular fun all month long!