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Alexis Lasek (Page Owner)

Alexis Lasek (Page Owner)
Alexis is a 39 year old toy collector and reviewer!

Wednesday, May 9, 2018


 Although this blog is mostly a toy blog, it is all about anything that you treasure and today we'll be looking at animals that I saw recently!

 I love animals alot and I love looking for them. On Monday I went for a walk and I saw more turtles than I have ever seen in a day before (at least 2 different species - though might have been 3!), a red Winged blackbird (first one I have seen in years), lots of Geese, vultures, and a tadpole. Not to mention a pet lizard of someone who I ran into on my walk! Was so much fun. All of the animals were found on White River, the Minnitrista, and a nature area near Minnitrista!

 All my life I wanted to see soft shell turtles! I saw  them once before but on Monday I saw lots of them sunbathing! 
This tadpole was hard to get as it (and many others) were in a algae filled wetland (you can see how bad by looking at the above turtle pic!) I was afraid I would slip when I got to the shore lol.

All in all a lot of fun and plan to go back soon and go to other Green areas so expect more pics soon!


  1. All of these look very tasty. Thanks for the dinner ideas...Kidding.